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Top fitness bracelet and cheapest Android smartphone: what to buy from Xiaomi in 2022

Fitness bracelets, regardless of who produces them, inare basically inexpensive. Not because they are worse than smart watches, but because they are just such a class of devices. They are not subject to strict requirements either in terms of functionality or in terms of design. All that is usually required from a fitness bracelet is to be on the user's wrist, collect information about his activity and health status, and at the same time, if possible, do not shine. However, there is such a bracelet on the market that everyone knows in general and it’s definitely impossible not to shine with it. Especially if you pair it with a suitable smartphone. Yes, yes, this is exactly the case when a smartphone is selected under the bracelet, and not vice versa.

Mi Band 7 Pro is a top fitness bracelet that beats the competition


  • 1 Which fitness bracelet is better to buy
  • 2 Is it worth buying Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro
  • 3 The cheapest Xiaomi smartphone
  • 4 Which smartphone to buy a child

Which fitness bracelet is better to buy

You probably already guessed that we are talking about MiBand 7 Pro. Today there is no other such bracelet on the market that would have comparable functionality and be unmistakably recognized by others. Him large display, which significantly expands your ability to interact with the device, the maximum set of health monitoring sensors, and at the same time, the price is absolutely affordable for everyone.

Mi Band 7 Pro has a large screen like a full-fledged smartwatch

Key feature of Mi Band 7 Pro is his screen. The manufacturer managed to increase the diagonal of the bracelet's AMOLED display to 1.64 inches. This is 84% ​​more than last year's Mi Band 6. Thanks to this, each of the more than 150 dials, which are built into the firmware, willbe perceived almost like from an analog clock, and thanks to the light sensor, the tracker will independently adjust the brightness depending on the ambient light conditions.

Should I buy Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro

Special appearance Mi Band 7 Pro, made of aluminum and glass, makesperceive it not as an ordinary fitness tracker, but as a stylish smart watch. At the same time, the price of the bracelet is incredibly low for such a class of devices. Right now on AliExpress, you can buy it for only $89. Not a single smart watch on the market - especially if you take reputable manufacturers - is not so cheap. But Mi Band leaves many of them far behind.

Mi Band 7 Pro monitors your health and controls your activity

Mi Band 7 Pro is a device that will allow you to bettercontrol the state of your body. Thanks to the built-in heart rate monitor, which measures the heart rate 24/7, you can track the dynamics of your heart and detect signs of tachycardia or other disorders in time. BUT blood oxygen scanner will always tell the level of saturation and indicate the risk of hypoxia, which should be the reason for an immediate visit to the doctor.

Buy Mi Band 7 Pro

Mi Band 7 Pro fully justifies the title fitness bracelet. It supports automatic recognitionworkouts, accurately identifying activities ranging from climbing stairs to swimming. And since it's also waterproof, you can use them to measure the distance you swim in the pool, and more. Runners are also taken care of. A full-fledged GPS module was built into the bracelet, which allows it to build routes and record the distances you have traveled.

The cheapest Xiaomi smartphone

Redmi A1 is Xiaomi's cheapest smartphone

A good fitness bracelet - good smartphone. And there is no need to spend big money on it.Because Xiaomi has released a super-budget phone, and in two variations at once - Redmi A1 and Redmi A1 +. Despite the fact that these are actually two smartphones, they can be perceived as one, since their characteristics are confusingly the same:

  • Display – 6.52 inches, 60Hz
  • Camera - 8 MP / 0.3 MP
  • Processor - MTK Helio A22
  • Battery - 5000 mAh
  • Memory – 2/32 GB

The only difference between the models is the presence fingerprint scanner, which is present in the older apparatus andmissing from the younger. In his case, unlocking is done by entering a password or scanning the face. The front camera is responsible for recognition, so in this sense, Redmi A1 is almost no different from the new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Looks Redmi A1 - you have to give him credit -very, very worthy. The manufacturer did not philosophize slyly and placed the smartphone in a pleasant pastel-colored polycarbonate case, which, for all its modesty, looks very neat. Looking at it, you understand that although it is a simple, it is definitely a very elegant device.

Which smartphone to buy for a child

Despite the price, this device looks quite elegant.

The processor here is not the most powerful, and RAM less than the flagships.But this device is a completely different segment. Redmi A1 is suitable either as a second phone that will definitely not be discharged at the most inopportune moment thanks to a 5000 mAh battery, or as a first device for a child or an elderly person.

And, of course, Redmi A1 perfectly “pulls” Mi Band.You can always buy both devices in pairs and use them for their intended purpose - for sports and health monitoring. And if you also install the Google Fit application on your smartphone, you can not only measure your heart rate and monitor the level of saturation, but also analyze the frequency of respiratory movements, violations of which can be a sign of serious illness.

Buy Redmi A1/A1+

On AliExpress, where prices are the lowest, Redmi A1it is quite inexpensive - only 89 dollars. However, right now you have the opportunity to bring down the price by another $ 5 using a coupon from the seller's page. Thus, the final price of the device will be even lower. Cheaper smartphones on Android I have not yet met.