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Microsoft, which abandoned its presence in Russia in June, decided to further formally complicate life

Russian users by prohibiting downloadingWindows distributions from the official site. However, the updates are still being installed. Now, to download the distribution, you need to arm yourself with a good VPN. Basically, nothing new. Every day there are more and more sites on the Internet that block users with a Russian IP address. And a good VPN solves this problem.

In fact, big problems will begin if the US can put pressure on VPN providers, banning them from providing services to Russians. Then it will be bad, but for now everything is fine.

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  • Remote Play from MTS
  • Licensed software through the Loudplay cloud
  • Game console from Meizu
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge
  • Parallel import in action

Remote Play from MTS

A very strange, but no less useful tool from the mobile operator MTS.

Officially, the news sounds like this: MTS has launched a remote game service called Remote Play.

What is the idea?

The user can install on his powerfulgame computer client that will allow you to stream the image to any other device. For mobile devices, such as Android smartphones, there is a mobile application. But the operator says that you can also run it in a browser on the Chrome engine. An important point - there is an application for TVs based on Android TV.

Actually, nothing new.Similar solutions have been on the market for a long time. There are commercial services with a twist when you rent out your computer. There were built-in solutions. For example, HP and Nvidia offer built-in software for streaming games from a computer to set-top boxes or other computers (but there is a condition that the devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network).


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Accordingly, all this disgrace looks like this:the user launches the client on a computer and receives a unique link, opening which from a mobile device, he sees his desktop. In the settings, you can choose to control a virtual touchpad (there is even a separate scroll bar) or a virtual gamepad (if there is no physical touchpad and gamepad). Well, then start the game, and go!

So far, the application is free, as it is in beta testing. But MTS promises that everything will be paid later.

In fact, MTS made TeamViewer with ultra-low(according to the assurances of the company) delay. But, as you understand, the connection speed will depend on the speed of your home Internet (wire or Wi-Fi) and on the Internet speed on the device.

Probably the most obvious use case is playing on a TV or tablet, as the image looks too small on a phone.

Can I use the service while traveling to the country? Maybe! But then you have to leave your home computer constantly on, forbidding it to go to sleep or lock the screen.

Another option is to master Wake on technologyLAN if you have wired internet, or Wireless Wake on LAN. In the latter case, you need to make sure that the wireless network adapter supports the technology. Here you can check whether you saved on the network card or not.

Licensed software through the Loudplay cloud

Since we're talking about clouds, we can't get aroundparty and other news. Loudplay is a cloud gaming service. To some extent, the idea of ​​Loudplay is more interesting than that of the same GeForce Now (GFN.ru). The service simply offers a powerful virtual computer on which the user can install any games and programs himself, including those downloaded from a torrent.

The service proposed a scheme when Loudplay purchaseslicenses through a foreign partner, and users buy access to virtual computers running on the facilities of an infrastructure partner from another country (Kazakhstan, Turkey).

Loudplay believes that such a solution can be useful for those who work with Adobe or AutoDesk software, which have officially left the Russian market.

It turns out quite an interesting case, in which the main hitch is how much foreign business wants to cancel Russian users.

For example, there is Netflix.Sneaky service didn't just leave Russia. Previously, when Netflix did not officially work in Russia, you could still connect, pay, watch, but there was no Russian voice acting and subtitles. Now Netflix has blocked users from Russia. You can only connect through a VPN.

Accordingly, if the same Adobe wants to, it will easily block all the attempts of Loudplay.

Although there is another question.Why did companies buy software in the past? They probably did this because people in uniform could come and severely fine them for using pirated programs. Will people in uniform come and fine now? Often, license checks were initiated directly by the software manufacturer.

Game console from Meizu

Deficiency of components, their poor quality, andalso the unstable situation in world markets played a sad role. At the end of last year, specialized gaming devices should have begun to appear on the market. For example, Samsung, in its plans for investors, promised to release something gaming in the fourth quarter of 2021. And other manufacturers hinted at similar options.

However, when prices rise, and there are not enough chips even for smartphones, it is obvious that all third-party projects are under the knife. It is all the more surprising that devices like PANDAER x AYANEO manage to penetrate the market.

PANDAER x AYANEO is a collaboration between Meizu and AYA NEO. This is a Windows gaming console from AMD.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Screen: 5.5 inch, OLED, 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5560U (15W)
  • Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega 6 1.6GHz
  • Memory: 16GB LPDDR4x + 512GB SSD
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Connection: WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2
  • Battery: 7350 mAh (28 Wh)
  • Other: there is a fingerprint scanner, 2 Type-C
  • Dimensions: 224 x 89.5 x 28 mm, weight 410 g
  • Price: 3,999 yuan

So far, the prefix is ​​only sold in China. At the same time, Meizu plans to release the console using the crowdsourcing method, that is, money in the evening, and then wait for the console.

Another point that is important to note:this is not a unique Meizu product, but just a proprietary design. Meizu has a bright PANDAER brand, under which the company produces keyboards, covers, and chargers. The main feature is a bright design.

AYA NEO has exactly the same console(even better), but without design frills. Here, by the way, you can even add that AYA NEO has a PRO version of such a console, where the processor and graphics are more powerful (Ryzen 7 5825U + AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 2.0 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD). Well, I guess you know that this is not the first console for AYA NEO.

If they created their own Linux-based OS for SteamDeck, then the usual Windows 11 is installed on PANDAER x AYANEO. But there is a branded launcher in which all games are collected.

The idea behind these consoles is that the integratedgraphics are enough to run AAA games in poor resolution and with low quality textures. But there is no reason to complain about this, since the screen is only 5.5 inches. And the user still holds the console at a distance of 30-50 cm from the face, so for him it’s like a Retina screen.

The main disadvantage is that this is not a finished product,like a conditional Sony PSP, in which you inserted a disk or a memory card - and play. Here you need everything as on a mediocre home PC. You look at the quality of textures, the number of FPS, play with the screen resolution. Plus, on the console itself, you play with the settings for processor power, voltage, etc.

In short, a normal person will not buy this, because this is not console gaming. There is no comfort here. This is a product for, shall we say, tech enthusiasts. There is no future for such a piece of iron.


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

The new-old ninja turtles have arrived infree electronic game stores in Russia! Around the world, they ask for 400 rubles for "turtles". But only in Russia they distribute for free! And this is great news for everyone.

Visually, the game is straight out of the 90s.I played something similar on Sega. However, there is a skillful mix of modern and retro. At the same time, the game is certainly more complex and thoughtful, with an abundance of tricks and control combinations.

The game is pretty simple.On each level you spend on the strength of 5 minutes. At the end meets the boss. By the way, he said that the management has become more difficult and there are more tricks, but the bosses have become clearly easier. Although the levels get more difficult as they go up. With the original games, which required dexterity, patience and well-calculated time, there is no comparison. Although, of course, maybe it was just that in childhood everything seemed more complicated.

The system requirements of the game are minimal, so you can safely bet even on the most ancient PCs.

Parallel import in action

Parallel import starts working. Gadgets that officially should not have been sold in Russia are slowly penetrating into Russia.

For example, you can already buy the new Sony WH-1000XM5 noise-canceling headphones. Headphones are sold on Yandex.Market, but it’s better to buy on Avito, where the price is lower.

The price, of course, is not the most pleasant, but it could beworse. In the US, they ask for $ 400 for headphones. In Russia, this is 35-36 thousand rubles, that is, it turns out that the dollar exchange rate, according to market estimates of speculators, is 90 rubles per dollar.

Another example is the iPhone SE 2022.It can be seen that outbid here disappointed. The smartphone is being sold at bargain prices. For example, for 27 thousand rubles, a 64 GB version is offered, which officially costs $ 430. So here the real exchange rate is 63 rubles per dollar.

And finally, one more example is OnePlus 10Rwith 80W charging. The smartphone presented in May can already be bought in Russia. And the price is close to the original. So, in India, the device is sold for 39,000 rupees (and 1 rupee was equal to 1 ruble until February), and on Yandex.Market you can buy it for 39,990 rubles. Consider 1,000 rubles for delivery.

At Avito, the prices are even more pleasant. There, a 150 W version can be bought for 35 thousand rubles.

Of course, you should not rejoice at what is happening,as now we get a competitive gray price thanks to a strong ruble. If, as experts say, by the end of the year the dollar strengthens to 80 rubles, then all prices will rise by 30-35%.

At least in St. Petersburg and Moscow there is no exhausting heat, but a pleasant coolness reigns. And this is ideal weather for any outdoor activity, which I recommend you do.

Have a good week and good mood everyone!