Top 5 most beautiful banknotes of the world

Since 2005, the International BanknoteIBNS holds a competition for the best banknote. In the list of leaders, as a rule, there are banknotes with the maximum artistic value and advanced elements of protection against fakes. The society has recently published a list of favorites released in 2018 - even the Russian 100-ruble bill issued in honor of the World Cup was among them. What does the top five look like, and how does it deserve such attention?

All the notes listed below, in addition to itsbeautiful appearance, made of high-tech materials. Most of them, including a favorite from Russia, are made from a polymer substrate. It has high resistance to wear, and makes it extremely difficult to manufacture fakes - thanks to it, counterfeiting has practically disappeared in Australia and New Zealand.

Fifth place - $ 40 from the Solomon Islands

These islands are located in the southwestPacific, so it is no surprise that the design is designed in oceanic style. On the front side is a man blowing a shell into the sea. On the back of the same two canoes appear - on one sit children, and in the other there is a man with a paddle. Also on the bill you can see a diver, fish and a turtle.

Fourth place - 100 Russian rubles

Russian bill was issued in honor of2018 FIFA World Cup. On its face is a boy with a soccer ball in his hand, and the legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin. On the back there is an image of a soccer ball symbolizing the globe. It is noteworthy that the same polymer substrate with high resistance to wear was used as a material.

Third place - 500 NOK

This banknote adorns the rescue ship.Norwegian shipbuilder Colin Archer. On his ship, polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen attempted to conquer the North Pole, and the traveler Roald Amundsen successfully landed at the South Pole.

Second place - 200 Swiss francs

This bill shows a very unusualThe picture is three fingers pointing to three coordinate axes. They symbolize the spatial dimensions of matter and tell about the scientific side of Switzerland. On the reverse side of the banknote is an elementary particle from the Big Bang. To protect against counterfeit uses 15 elements, among which there is even a hologram of the stages of the Universe.

First place - 10 Canadian dollars

Canadian has become the best banknote of 2018banknote of 10 dollars. It depicts a portrait of a dark-skinned businesswoman Viola Desmond, who made a huge contribution to the fight against racial segregation in Canada. The reverse side shows the Canadian Museum of Human Rights opened in 2014, which covers many issues, from school bullying to genocide.

In the past two years, the first place gotSwiss banknotes. So, in 2017, the winner was 10 Swiss francs with the hand of the conductor and the globe. In 2016, 50 Swiss francs with a dandelion and paraglider became a favorite.

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