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TOP 10 Telegram channels - a selection of the most useful and interesting publics

Telegram has recently become not justan alternative to social networks and thematic sites, but one of the most popular sources of information. The thing is that it fits perfectly into the modern dynamic rhythm of life. Information in a compressed form with the fastest possible access is exactly what was lacking before the advent of the messenger. The only thing its minus, as has been said many times, is in the search system. Finding a public of interest is not so easy. Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of the best Telegram channels. It includes publics on various topics, but all of them are united by the fact that they will be useful to you, regardless of age and gender. Each one is fascinating in its own way and worthy of you to subscribe or at least view the feed.

A selection of the best, useful Telegram channels


  • 1 Space Time
  • 2 Books | Audiobooks
  • 3 Tesla holster
  • 4 Secrets of the Oceans
  • 5 Ali Baba Chest
  • 6 History of the Russian Empire
  • 7 AppleInsider.ru # discounts
  • 8 Movies | Serials
  • 9 Music
  • 10 Bro dropped the meme
  • 11 Bonus from Hi-News

Space Time

Channel dedicated for those who are interestedspace. With it, you will learn even more about it and various space objects, and even see how many processes look thanks to stunning visualizations. In addition, new photos from rovers and telescopes are regularly published on the channel.

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For example, this "beacon" is actually a pulsar, that is, a star that rotates around its axis. The rotation speed is amazing.

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Books | Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a practical and useful inventionhumanity. If you have already rated it and become a fan of audiobooks, I recommend visiting the channel “Books | Audiobooks". Otherwise, it's time to find out what it is. The channel has a huge library of audiobooks.

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Basically, they are all devoted to self-development and auto-training. For example, if you often have anxious thoughts, listen to this audiobook. Perhaps the advice will really help you.

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Tesla holster

A fascinating channel dedicated to science,modern and future technologies, appliances and gadgets. Fantastic concepts, amazing inventions, artificial intelligence, robots - all this awaits you on the Tesla Holster channel. Look into the future right now!

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Did you know that the first flying cars andmotorcycles should be on sale by the end of this year? Some examples, such as the AirCar in this video, have been successfully tested and certified.

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Secrets of the Oceans

Many are attracted to space as something mysterious andunknown. However, few people think that we have our own "space" on earth, which is also unknown and interesting, but not lifeless - this, of course, is the ocean. Plunge into the endless and deep water world with the channel “Secrets of the Oceans”.

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The size of this giant whale is amazing.It is amazing that these marine animals are able to dive to incredible depths, but they breathe in the same way as other mammals - the air that enters through the nostrils. Plunging into the depths, they close them tightly.

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Ali Baba's Chest

If all of the above channels are useful withfrom the point of view of general development and knowledge, then Ali Baba's Chest is of material benefit. As you might guess from the name, it is directly related to AliExpress. Namely, the best products are selected here, which are personally tested by the authors of the channel or selected based on real user reviews. Often they are sold at good discounts or just at a nice price.

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I go shopping here regularly. Recently, my eyes fell on this backlit rug. Really beautiful and practical item. And most importantly - it costs only 580 rubles.

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History of the Russian Empire

An excellent channel created for history buffs.As the famous phrase says, “one must know the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future.” And it's hard to argue with that. With the channel "History of the Russian Empire" you will know even little-known facts from the history of your homeland.

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It would seem that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is soa well-known figure of the 20th century, that everything is known about him to the smallest detail. However, his death raises many questions. Therefore, in addition to the main version, there are still several alternative ones.

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AppleInsider.ru # discounts

This channel will be useful for technology usersApple is primarily the owners of smartphones and tablets. Here you will find a huge number of interesting games and applications. But, what is most interesting - they are all provided either for free or with big discounts. So subscribe, and download to your health while there is such an opportunity.

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Here, for example, is an excellent photo editor that allows you to quickly remove an extra object from a photo. For example, if strangers got into the frame. The discounted price is simply ridiculous - only 99 rubles.

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Movies | Serials

Do you love movies and do you like serials? Then I recommend subscribing to the channel “Films | Serials". With it, you will be aware of new movies, you can watch trailers, and sometimes the movies themselves in HD quality.

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Remember the legendary ghost hunters?Almost 40 years have passed since those events. And that means it's time to step into the business, grandchildren, which they do. This is not to say that this is a direct movie masterpiece, but if you watched the original "Hunters", it makes sense to watch "Heirs" as well. The many references to the original are sure to make you feel nostalgic.

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Since a channel with films got into our TOP, then hereyou and music. If you like popular music, then you will definitely like the channel. New items are selected here, mainly by domestic performers, but not only.

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Atmospheres on the channel add photos with girls, cars, beautiful landscapes, etc. in general, I am sure that you will not be bored here at all, unless you are an avid rocker.

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Bro dropped the meme

And finally, humor.Love memes? Then be sure to come by. Although, you will also find here videos with funny situations, screenshots of correspondence, funny photos and much more. This channel will surely cheer you up.

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The only thing to keep in mind is that some of the jokes contain obscene language. Although in general, humor is designed for different categories.

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Bonus from Hi-News

Finally, we offer you another fascinatingand an educational channel dedicated to science and technology. Please subscribe to Hi-News if you haven't already. Here you will find not only articles published on the site, but also a lot of other interesting content. And also do not forget to go to our chat and write your comments.