Top 10 smartphones with the best selfie cameras (6 photos)

Users often questionedobjectivity conducted by the laboratory DxOMark tests cameras of smartphones. However, the leaders of their mobile rating are removed quite well and often justify the assessment given by experts. Only in the priority the specialists evaluated only the capabilities of the main module. Now a separate rating of undeservedly forgotten selfie cameras has been published.

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DxOMark analyzes over 1,500photos taken by each model. Among them are different "self": with a selfie stick, from a short distance and group photos. The quality of video clips is assessed separately, estimated on the basis of dozens of clips, the cumulative duration of which is several hours.

Before the publication of the next rating was12 new smartphones from various price segments tested. Having received the same average score of 92, Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung and Pixel 3 from Google came first. Actually, the selfie above all rated at Pixel 3. However, the Galaxy Note 9 has a better image stabilization in video clips.

"Bronze" received Mi Mix 3 from Xiaomi with a total of 84points, and the Apple iPhone XS Max managed to get only to fourth place with 82 points. Next comes another Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S9 with 81 points. The result, we note, is much more modest relative to the "brother", despite the almost similar module. It may have been tested before a recent firmware upgrade that significantly improved the front camera software.

It is curious that the TOP-5 did not include Mate 20 Pro and P20Pro from Huawei, leading in the rating of the main cameras. Selfies from China Meitu V6 did not like the experts at all. It’s all about the aggressive “butifier” that, oddly enough, ensures the popularity of the gadget at home.

The test method currently used in DxOMarkSelf-cameras do not take into account the auxiliary modules of triple and binary systems. So, wide-angle self-produced by Google Pixel 3 did not affect the rating results.