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TOP 10 best Telegram channels - the most sticky public

Telegram quickly burst into our lives andstuck in it for a long time. And it's not just that it's a convenient tool for communication. Over the past few years, the messenger has also become a popular source of information. It replaced social networks and thematic portals, as it turned out to be more convenient and practical in many ways. Perhaps its only drawback is the search engine. Finding a good channel on a topic of interest is really not easy. But collections such as this one help solve this problem. Our TOP today includes the most prominent channels in their niches, once you get to which you will have to spend some time, since it’s unlikely that you can just take it and close it. They are really interesting and fascinating, so they deserve your attention. Since the topics are very different, everyone will find content to their taste.

A selection of the best Telegram channels that will make you "stuck"


  • 1 Survivor
  • 2 life hack
  • 3 Tweet
  • 4 Tesla holster
  • 5 Real food
  • 6 Ali Baba's Chest
  • 7 HOMEASY - ideas for home
  • 8 # discounts
  • 9 Autotelegram
  • 10 Notes of a housewife
  • 11 Bonus from Hi-News


Great survival channel.But this does not mean that it is intended only for those extreme guys who go on winter fishing in a thirty-degree frost or hunting in the taiga. The tips you find here will be helpful to everyone. In addition, as the authors of the channel themselves write, “No one knows what awaits you tomorrow ...”

And really, how can you be sure that tomorrow, for example, you will not be bitten by a rat? After all, cases of attacks by these rodents are not rare. The Survivor channel will tell you how to act in such a situation.

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life hack

Public dedicated to people who are looking forhow to make your life easier. A huge number of useful tips will help you really easily solve many problems that you face almost every day.

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Surely you have repeatedly encountered thisa problem like a broken wire near the plug. This happens not only with USB cables, as shown in this post, but also with many others, for example, from headphones. See how to use a thread to get rid of this problem once and for all.

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Channel for raising the mood, which collectedthe best and funniest posts from twitter. The content can be described as modern humor. In fact, everything is here - jokes, memes, funny pictures, etc. Many of them make you not only smile, but also laugh heartily.

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Jokes are selected for my different audiences. But, be aware that there is adult content with profanity here.

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Tesla holster

The future has already arrived!You will understand this yourself as soon as you visit the Holster channel from Tesla. Here you can get acquainted with the latest developments in the field of robotics, see flying cars and motorcycles that will go on sale in the next few years, and learn about the technologies that are being introduced into our lives now.

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Look at this whale shark - yourshe is astounding in size and grace. But you will be even more surprised to learn that this is not a real fish, but a huge robot designed to shock and entertain the public.

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Real food

One of the most popular channels dedicated tocooking. Here are collected really simple recipes that everyone can use. At the same time, thanks to them, you will always surprise your guests and delight them with delicious dishes.

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For example, look at these kebabs madefrom chicken breast. For their preparation, you do not need a barbecue, as they are fried in a regular frying pan. But they look no less impressive on the table than ordinary kebabs. And yes, they taste amazing too.

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Ali Baba's Chest

Another channel to recommendeveryone, because here are collected all sorts of useful things from AliExpress that help in everyday life. Each item has a price and a short description. But most importantly, all products are carefully selected by the authors of the channel and tested or received the highest rating from a large number of buyers. Therefore, there is no crap here - only a topchik.

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I recently ordered this carcharger and starting device, which is so relevant in the winter. With it, you will start your car even in the most severe frosts, even with a completely dead battery. And it is also a powerful power bank with a capacity of 20,000 mAh. That is, it can charge smartphones, tablets and other equipment.

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HOMEASY - ideas for home

There are people for whom the choice of interior designbecame something of a hobby. If you are one of these or just looking for interesting solutions for your home, then I recommend visiting the HOMEASY channel - ideas for the home. The photos are really well chosen. Many of them will help to beautifully arrange housing even without large investments in repairs and furniture.

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It is no secret that most of the housing stock in the country does not have a large area. For small apartments, minimalism is an excellent solution. And light colors visually expand the space.

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Hurry up to make your iPhone morefunctional. The channel will help with this #discounts. Why is he so good? It contains a large number of different software and games. Until recently, all this could only be bought at full price, but now you can download it for free or purchase it at a good discount.

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For example, here is a great utility thatwill make your photos more spectacular and original thanks to a huge number of filters. The cost of the program was 279 rubles, but now it is available for 170 rubles.

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The channel whose name speaks for itself -it is designed for car enthusiasts and dedicated to cars. Read the latest auto news, test drives, reviews and more. Unlike other channels dedicated to auto topics, it is aimed at those users who love good old reading, not short posts.

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Although there are short posts here too.Here, for example, is great news for fans of electric cars. As you know, one of their shortcomings is a small power reserve, which is especially unpleasant when the infrastructure is not developed. But, apparently, this problem will be eliminated in the near future with the advent of new types of batteries.

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Notes of a housewife

Useful channel designed for housewives andall women in general. Content topics are very different - all kinds of diets, recipes for dishes and cocktails, life hacks, all kinds of health tips, humor and much more.

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Do you know how to distinguish high-quality trousers from low-quality ones? It turns out that there are six signs by which you can identify a low-quality thing that will quickly become worthless.

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Bonus from Hi-News

You may not have known, but Hi-News also hasyour Telegram channel. There are not only articles that are published on the site, but also a lot of other content - humor, memes, interesting facts and much more. We also invite all our readers to a chat where you can discuss published materials or just chat.