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TOP 10 best Telegram channels - a selection of the beginning of the summer of 2022

For many users, Telegram has long beenmain source of information. Using a messenger for this is really convenient, since you can read the news, get useful information or just entertain yourself anywhere where you have access to the Internet (even the slowest one). It is only important to subscribe to good Telegram channels in advance. And our selection of the best 10 publics will help with this. To compile this TOP, we carefully studied the popular channels of today and selected the best among them. Since the topics are different, you will definitely find among them those that you want to subscribe to. In general, we recommend viewing everything, believe me, they deserve it.

A selection of the most interesting and useful Telegram channels


  • 2 Congratulations and postcards
  • 3 Tesla holster
  • 4 League of Bad Jokes
  • 5 Epicenter of knowledge
  • 6 Ali Baba Chest | Topchik from Aliexpress
  • 7 Honey Brother | ABC of Health
  • 8 # discounts
  • 9 Life hacks from Nechetov
  • 10 Hostess with a bang | 1000 tips
  • 11 Bonus from Hi-News


The sun picked up and started to shinereally summery, which made many people think about vacation. But where to go? Perhaps the TRAVEL PLACES channel will help you choose a place to spend your vacation.

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But even if you are not going on vacation, everythingwe still recommend visiting it. Here you will find incredibly beautiful places of our planet. Therefore, TRAVEL PLACES is perfect to get away from pressing problems and relax a little.

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Congratulations and postcards

The channel that everyone should have in Telegram.After all, you probably regularly have to congratulate friends, colleagues, relatives and friends on various holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. With this channel, it will be much faster to do it.

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on this channel you will find all kinds of postcards andcongratulations for all occasions. With it, you can congratulate everyone who is listed in your contacts with or without reason. What can I say, really useful channel.

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Tesla holster

Follow the news from the area of ​​hightechnologies? Interested in science and the latest developments in technology? Are you curious about what the future holds for us? Then rather subscribe to the Holster channel from Tesla, as here is all the most interesting.

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Modern technologies in recent times are really amazing. Just look at this 3D advertisement. Isn't it impressive?

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League of Bad Jokes

If you're in a bad mood, be sure tovisit the League of Bad Jokes channel. Humor without censorship, but the selection is not bad. Some jokes are sure to make you not only smile but also laugh heartily.

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The channel mainly contains jokes, but you will also find short jokes and a lot of other humor here. But, keep in mind, the channel is not for children.

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epicenter of knowledge

An interesting channel with which you will “pump” yourknowledge. Unlike most other similar publics, not short facts are selected here, but really interesting information from various fields of science.

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With this channel, you will not only improve your erudition, but also just have an interesting time. Its only minus is that time flies on it unnoticed.

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Ali Baba's Chest | Top with Aliexpress

With this channel you will make on AliExpressonly good deals. It contains descriptions and prices of the best products. Their quality is confirmed by reviews of real users, as well as by the authors of the channel themselves. And if you have never bought anything on AliExpress before, you have a good reason to do it for the first time.

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Do you want to decorate the interior of your home as much as possibleunusual and impressive? I ordered a 3D rug for this. Now, when guests come in, attention is first of all paid to him. The carpet causes surprise, and then admiration. And it's made from great material. Therefore, I recommend.

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Honey Brother | ABC of Health

Do you want to get in shape before the holidays orjust take care of your health? Then we recommend visiting the Med Brother channel | ABC of Health. Here are all kinds of life hacks, healthy recipes, diets and much more.

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Do you want to strengthen your liver?The Med Brother channel recommends consuming cilantro for this. It turns out that this is indeed a medicinal herb that contains a huge amount of useful substances. But before you actively include it in your diet, be sure to find out about contraindications.

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A channel created for owners of Apple technology.If you have an iPhone or iPad, be sure to subscribe to it. Here you will find a huge amount of all kinds of useful software and games. But the main highlight of the channel is that all these applications can be downloaded for free or with good discounts.

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If you often need to take screenshots, we recommend Snap Markup - Annotation Tool. With it, you will have much more options for markup and editing.

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Life hacks from Nechetov

The collection would be incomplete without life hacks.How without them? After all, they make our lives easier. True, a lot of useless or non-working life hacks have appeared lately, but you will not find such on the author's channel Life hacks from Nechetov.

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Did you know that before boiling eggs, they should be pierced from the rounded side. This will help to clean them easily and quickly after they are welded.

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Hostess with a bang | 1000 tips

Finally, a channel for those who love to cook. Here are collected great recipes for holiday tables, as well as dishes for every day. The site also has a lot of useful tips and culinary tricks.

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I don't know about you, but I love meat dishes. These meat rolls always turn out very tender and juicy. So I recommend trying it.

Bonus from Hi-News

The channel you needsubscribe if you haven't already - this is, of course, Hi-News. Here you will find a lot of interesting and useful content from our editors. And we will be glad to see you in our chat, be sure to come in if you just want to chat or comment on an article on the site.