Too lazy to go outside? This robot will walk your dog

Can't go out with your dog one more time? Apparently, Toyota decided to make life a little easier for pet owners by registering a curious patent.

In fact, the new development of the company is a special robotic platform for walking dogs. It can be controlled both by an animal using paw position sensors and by a person.
The system also controls the leash, making it longer or shorter. If the animal moves too fast, the robot will stop and will not move until the dog calms down.

At the same time, the owner can not only control the walk remotely, but also be on the platform of the robot itself, standing or sitting. The design provides for this. This will probably help people with limited mobility.

Also, the platform can make photo reports about the walk and collect feces after the dog. If the dog urinates, he will wash the urine with a spray bottle.

It sounds, of course, the idea is good, but, firstly, itsoutput is unlikely. Not all patents survive to be implemented. Secondly, despite the obvious convenience, the platform will not take root in the Russian Federation due to high-rise buildings.

Judging by the large size of the robotic platform, it is intended for private houses and plots, rather than for megacities.