TKEY DMCC starts transferring funds to Tkeycoin

March 18 at 20:00 Moscow time officially launched the procedure for transferring funds to the decentralized network Tkeycoin. According to the press service of the project supervising company TKEY DMCC, already in the first day more than 1000 applications were received from various countries of the world, and, according to experts, this rush is easily explained.

The fact is that this event without exaggerationIt can be called one of the most important in the history of the Tkeycoin project, since it directly marked the transition from the centralized to the decentralized stage. During the so-called “swap”, the first wave of which will last until March 31, 2019, Tkeycoin users will be able to exchange centralized TCD assets for a decentralized TKEY cryptocurrency at the rate of 1 to 1.

In other words, it was after the transfer of fundsinvestors will receive into their accounts the long-awaited cryptocurrency, which no one in the world, except themselves, can control. Immediately after the end of the first stage of collecting applications for transfer of funds, the official launch of the Tkeycoin network and the release of several platform products will take place. According to the developers, mobile apps for iOS and Android, a new version of the web wallet, as well as wallets for Windows, Linux and macOS will become available in April.

In addition, in April Tkeycoin cryptocurrencywill officially begin trading on the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Eastern Europe - EXMO, which will be the first platform to place trading pairs with TKEY. Exchange users will be immediately available 20 trading pairs, including TKEY / USD, TKEY / ETH and TKEY / BTC. Listing on other sites is scheduled for April-May 2019.

In addition to trading on the stock exchange, cryptocurrency TKEY can bewill be used for instant money transfers worldwide, online purchases, payment for services and goods in stores, trade exchanges for other cryptocurrencies and other everyday tasks. The Tkeycoin network already today is thousands of times faster than the Bitcoin network in terms of the speed of operations, as well as ahead of Paypal, Ripple and even Visa. In addition, it is devoid of the problems of most of the existing cryptocurrencies and is ready to repel any attack by intruders.

It is expected that the release of the platform will take place duringfrom April 1 to 3, when the second stage of collection of applications for the transfer of funds to the decentralized network starts. These days, Tkeycoin can still be purchased on the official website of the platform at the rate of $ 1. On March 31, the sale will be officially closed, and further purchase of TKEY will be available only on the exchange.