TinyArcade Handheld Game Machine (2 photos + video)

It is difficult to tear a modern person fromcomputer devices, especially those created in an unusual, original form factor. TinyCircuits proposed an unusual, tiny palm-sized TinyArcade device, equipped with a full-fledged OLED screen.

The new TinyArcade toy is Arduino compatibleplatform with a powerful 32-bit ARM processor. Management is via a joystick with two buttons and a volume control. Three games are preinstalled in the device (Flappy Birdz, Tiny Shooter and TinyTris), however, using MicroSD, the user will be able to load their favorite 8-bit toys.

Battery life is supported by lithiumrechargeable battery that charges via USB port. It is also possible to download and watch videos through this port, however the small size of the screen makes this pleasure doubtful.

TinyArcade is sold at“Build it yourself” format (DIY-kit). According to the assurances of the developers, it will take 10 minutes to build, without having to use soldering or glue, and also not need to be able to program. The price of TinyArcade 59, 99 dollars.

Source / buy: tinycircuits