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Tiny cameras filmed how ravens make tools

It has long been known that crows are smart enough to make tools. Nevertheless, filming this process on video is not an easy undertaking. If you do not lure the raven with food, you will hardly see this behavior.

The university decided to tackle this problem.Exeter. Scientists have developed cameras that are small enough and lightweight so that they can be hung on a crow and photograph its activities. The cameras record video on a microSD memory card and have a special radio beacon that allows scientists to find the device after it is automatically disconnected from the crow after several days of operation. As a result, the first video in history was obtained, which captures how crows in the wild create tools for food.

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This study has already led to new discoveries. For example, crows do not throw away their tools when they no longer need them. They also pick up tools if they fall to the ground. The data obtained confirm the guess that the intelligence of the raven is at the level of some primates, and we will not be surprised if we hear about new discoveries in the near future.

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