Tinkoff launches Tinkoff ID

Tinkoff has launched a universal Tinkoff ID - a service for secure authorization and single sign-on in any

Runet services, the press service of the bank reports.“Using Tinkoff ID, users will be able to securely, quickly and seamlessly log in without entering a login and password in various services on the Russian Internet and receive any paid and free services, from shopping to getting a job without unnecessary documents,” the company notes.

Tinkoff ID is built on technologyTinkoff Zashchita platform. Historically, Tinkoff ID has been the center of the Tinkoff ecosystem, through which customers have seamless access to all Tinkoff Group products: banking, investments, mobile, lifestyle services, travel, superapp, web interface and others. “Now, with the help of Tinkoff ID, any partners can connect to the Tinkoff ecosystem, and Tinkoff customers will be able to use their services as quickly as inside Tinkoff. Among the partners of Tinkoff ID at the start are about 100 leaders of Runet and Russian business: from the largest ad sites and online services to government agencies.