Timekettle WT2 Plus - personal translator-headset (6 photos + 2 videos)

Great importance in the modern world takesprocess of communication between people from different countries. To solve the problem of communication for tourists, businessmen and immigrants will help simple and affordable headphones from the startup Timekettle.

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Developed by Chinese experts deviceWT2 Plus looks like Apple AirPods, but it can translate foreign speech from the 21st language (Russian is also available). The developers promise to expand the capabilities of another 15 languages ​​of the peoples of the world.

Headphones are paired with a smartphone. You need working Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you must first select the language from which to translate speech. The developers claim that the device will soon be able to work without an internet connection.

While WT2 Plus breaks the speech into 15 secondsintervals and translates them with a 5 second delay. Included are two headphones, so the conversation is only possible between two interlocutors. However, in everyday life, in stores, transport, you can receive a translation of short phrases without sharing headphones with the other person.

The battery life of the WT2 Plus is 5 hours, the use of a special case with recharging will extend the operating time up to 12 hours. The cost of the device is $ 219.