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TiltBike - realistic bike rides without leaving your home (2 photos + video)

Tech startup from the UKMuoverti strives to create the conditions for effective sports performance in all conditions. The company's newest development, the TiltBike smart exercise bike, is compatible with interactive online virtual cycling platforms such as Zwift, RGT and Trainer Road. To date, the company has created a concept test sample of an exercise bike that mimics a real bike ride as closely as possible, which you can do without leaving your home.

The main advantage of the TiltBike trainerbecomes a system that simulates the turns made by the user in the virtual space. The TiltBike frame tilts in the appropriate direction when the handlebars are turned, and when exiting a virtual turn, it returns back using the tension of the elastomer-based system.

During the virtual trip, the user canturn the real steering wheel of the simulator, which causes a response on the screen, where a change in direction of movement is simulated. Special sensors of the TiltBike trainer 1000 times per second record various parameters of the user's movements, analyze his behavior and accordingly "adjust" the behavior of the trainer. Sensors control the process of braking, acceleration or an attempt to turn the steering wheel and give appropriate "instructions" to the control system, changing the training parameters. When simulating climbing in a virtual environment, TiltBike begins to create additional resistance from the electromagnetic flywheel, the strength of which depends on the slope of the virtual mountain road.

TiltBike users will be able to createown device models based on a specific real bike model. A selection of different types of handlebars, saddles or pedals is available to match real bicycles from leading manufacturers.

The user can even choose the type of framesimulator and create an imitation of either a racing or mountain bike. An additional option for the TiltBike is a joystick located on the steering wheel, which will allow you to operate the on-screen menu or even play computer games.

To date, Muoverti has created onetest demonstration exercise bike TiltBike. The start of serial production of the exercise bike is scheduled for 2022. According to the developers, the price of new items will not exceed the average cost of similar simulators already on the market.