Tiejia Gangquan Exoskeleton Helps Man Raise Car

In the near future, humanity will be delivered.from the tedious work associated with carrying heavy loads. Chinese startup Tiejia Gangquan (Living Steel) has demonstrated the capabilities of an exoskeleton that can lift a car weighing 1.6 tons. Currently, the startup has already launched a junior exoskeleton model, designed to help warehouse workers.

An engineer inventing a device already announcesthe need for the transition of mankind from carbon to flint form of life. The commercial version of the exoskeleton has a mass of only 5.6 kg and is worn like a vest, increasing the strength of the lumbar spine by 30 kg. The metal case with the control system, engine, battery and sensors is located behind the back of the user.

The control system operates usingartificial intelligence, which adapts to human movement and ensures smooth movement of goods. The reaction of the engine to the user's movement does not exceed a few milliseconds. The battery provides battery life for 8 hours. The price of the device is 4000 dollars.