Three ways to fix the Opportunity Mars rover: will it succeed?

Since the launch of the rover "Opportunity" passed15 years. Unfortunately, the device met this significant date in complete silence - after a powerful storm, its solar panels were covered with dust and could not be replenished with energy. He was transferred to a crisis mode, and for 7 months, NASA made more than 600 attempts to get in touch with him. According to astronomers, they have the last attempt to repair the device - if it fails, the mission will have to be completed.

Every day the likelihood to resume communication withMars rover greatly reduced. Very soon the wind season will end on Mars, so the hope that the dust simply disappears from the surface of the solar panels has almost disappeared. Also, the southern part of the planet will switch to winter - the low temperature will almost certainly break all the electronics of the fixed device. NASA has the last chance to fix it.

Researchers will apply a new strategy to “revitalize” the device. They will check the possibility of failure of the three systems and try to fix them.

Possible reasons for the silence of Opportunity:

  • Failure of the radio transmitter in the X-band;
  • Breakdown of both transmitters;
  • Failure of the internal clock of the rover.
  • Based on this, NASA can only switchto a spare radio transmitter, or reset the clock. If the breakdown of the apparatus is connected with one of the listed problems, these actions may well revive the rover and he will be able to begin research again.

    It is noteworthy that initially "Opportunity"had to work only 90 days. In fact, he was remarkably tenacious and worked for about 14 years in a row. Moreover, he survived as many as eight winters on the Red Planet.

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