Three private companies will send for the NASA landing modules on the moon in 2020-2021

NASA Aerospace Agency selected threecompanies - Orbit Beyond, Astrobotic and Intuitive Machines - on which the space agency entrusted the task of delivering scientific and technological equipment to the moon in 2020–2021 before the landing of American astronauts on the natural satellite of the Earth scheduled for 2024. This announcement is important not only due to the fact that so far none of the private companies in the world have managed to safely land on the Moon (the latest example is the Israeli Bereshit unit), but also because it will be the first soft landing for the USA on the satellite after 46 years since the last landing, said portal Ars Technica.

New moon race

As part of the Commercial Lunar Payload programServices, which is part of the Artemis program, the key objective of which is to create a permanent research base on Earth’s satellite, the agency will provide three companies with a total of $ 253.5 million for revision and shipment of their landing modules.

“The most important goal we face isthis is science. But this time we want to implement this project with partners. We want not only to return to the moon, but also to develop a full-fledged industry there. Only how can we stay there, ”said Thomas Zurbuchen, Assistant Head of NASA Research.

So, Orbit Beyond from Edison (New Jersey)will receive $ 97 million for the delivery of four cargoes to the Sea of ​​Rains in the northwestern part of the Earth’s natural satellite by September 2020 using the Z-01 landing module.

Landing module Z-01

The device will be sent to the Earth satellite withusing the Falcon 9 launch vehicle from SpaceX. The mission of the mission will also be to better understand the specifics of landing on the lunar surface and to determine any effects that may be a result of this on the nearby structures. Here we are talking about the fact that in the future spacecraft will be landed on a satellite next to buildings built on its surface.

“The challenge is to understand how close to the landing area you can build lunar dwellings,” commented John Morse, head of research for Orbit Beyond.

An Astrobotic Company from PittsburghPennsylvania) will receive $ 79.5 million for the delivery of 14 cargoes to the Lake of Death crater, located in the northeast of the visible side of the moon. The launches will be carried out either with the help of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle or with the help of the Atlas-5 rocket. This task is scheduled for completion by July 2021.

Astrobotic Landing Module

Intuitive Machines of Houston (stateTexas) will allocate 77 million dollars for the delivery of five cargoes to the Moon Ocean Ocean Ocean by July 2021. For this, the Nova-C landing module developed by the company will be used.

Landing module Nova-C

“These launch modules will be just the beginningan exciting commercial partnership that will bring us closer to solving many scientific mysteries on the Moon, in our Solar System and beyond its borders, ”said Thomas Sarbuken.

"Our knowledge will not only change our understanding of the universe, but also lay the foundation for our manned expeditions to the moon, and then to Mars," he added.

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