Three drivers for every occasion: Dunu DM-380 headphone review

On the pages of Hi-News.Common crawl en We often talk about headphones from Dunu Topsound. She began with the production of OEM models for large brands, so until recently she was known mainly among advanced music lovers. However, times are changing, and now Dunu has its own line of headphones that offer high-quality sound at an affordable price, not inferior even to expensive solutions.

Headphones Dunu DM-380

Dunu often experiments with drivers: for example, the DN-2000 is a hybrid model that provides a dynamic emitter for low frequencies and two reinforcing ones for medium and high frequencies. And in Titan 5, the manufacturer implemented dynamic drivers with a titanium diaphragm. Our guest today, Dunu dm-380, is a kind of interim solution: as many as three radiators, but dynamic ones, each of which is responsible for its own frequency spectrum, fit here in one case.


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Technical specifications Dunu DM-380

  • Emitters: dynamic (2 x 5 mm and 1 x 6 mm)
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB ± 2 dB
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Plug: gold plated, 3.5 mm, straight
  • Cable: 1.2 m
  • Weight: 20 g


The box looks expensive and solid

Dunu has always paid much attention to packaging andthe delivery set, and in the case of the DM-380, also decided to keep the level. A thick cardboard box with the Hi-Res certification logo hides neatly folded headphones and a case underneath.

The case contains interchangeable ear pads

In the kit you can also find two sets of ear pads of different sizes - a trifle, but nice. The nozzles are made of silicone and have a fairly wide opening to make them comfortable.

The case is soft to the touch, it smells good

Those ear cushions that were already worn are more suitable for me.

The cover deserves special attention. It is made of artificial leather to the conscience; on the one hand, the Dunu logo flaunts, and on the other, a button clasp for reliable fixation.

Of course, this is not such a configuration as in the Titan5, where the manufacturer, it seems, only did not put the elephant in the box, but there is everything necessary. I only lacked foam ear cushions with a memory effect; there are no cable clips either, but they are not needed here - in the next section I will explain why.


The design of the headphones is different from what weseen in early models from Dunu. The case is made of metal and plastic, and due to the fact that the latter is slightly transparent, you can see all three dynamic emitters. Headphones “end” with a sound guide, where a special protrusion is placed so that the ear cushions hold firmly.

Headphone housing made of metal and plastic

The logo resembles an expensive engraving

Duct and drivers - if you look closely, you can see

In general, there are no questions about the appearance of the headphones themselves: everything was done very beautifully (in gold, but not “expensive-rich”), there are embossed notches and the logo of the manufacturer.

The cable is made primarily of silicone, butThere are metal inserts - on the divider and near the connector. A headset block of three buttons is also made of metal, which allows you to adjust the volume, pause the track or answer the call.

The buttons are recessed, convenient to find by touch

Gold plated plug

Why is there no clip on the cable? As a rule, it serves to eliminate the microphone effect; and since the dm-380 has a behind-the-ear landing, it itself is almost guaranteed to “kill” such artifacts. Yes, someone may not appreciate the behind-the-ear mount, but the headphones are specially designed to hold and not fall out. Plus, it is more reliable for multi-driver models, where it is necessary to maintain a tight fit on the go.

As for landing, don't fit these headphonesperhaps only to the owners of the smallest auricles. Weight is evenly distributed over the outer part of the auricle, and comfort and sound insulation can be compared with premium devices. The headphones are assembled very high quality and will definitely last as long as possible.

Behind-the-ear landing is not suitable for everyone, but very comfortable


The following equipment was used for listening:

  • FiiO M7
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2012
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • High Resolution Lossless Records

You can say that the headphones sound likeclassic dynamic. Due to the separation of drivers, there is a clear emphasis on low frequencies and subtle blurry textures, but there are no problems with transparency and sharpness. The pitch is very soft over the entire frequency range.

Frequency response Dunu DM-380

The bass of the DM-380 pleases with speed characteristics,mids are good unconditionally. The low level of distortion allowed us to achieve a very clean and accurate feed, which is characteristic of high-level headphones. Emotionality, elaboration of images, the transfer of the nature of tools - all these headphones can do just fine. The imaginary scene is well designed, pleases with both width and depth. High frequencies do not cause complaints.

By using only dynamicemitters there is no contrast inherent in hybrids (if part of the range differs from the other in elaboration). Tuning is, but very neat and uniform, so the headphones can be called genre universal. Although, in my opinion, they are more suitable for rock or vocal jazz than for electronic music, where the elaboration of the smallest details is often important.

A few tracks for example.

The Weeknd - Lost in Fire.

These headphones work well for bass, sohip hop lovers will definitely come. Including compositions of this Canadian, who, despite his love for auto-tuning, shows in his tracks deep and rich bass.

Imagine Dragons - Birds.

The tireless "dragons" continue to be onthe peak of his career. One of the main punk bands of the new millennium does not depart from the company's frenzied guitar pressure, and this combination is very suitable for DM-380.

Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose.

Jazzman who had a huge impact on developmentjazz, born in the poorest black district of New Orleans. But his love of music and perseverance helped him to succeed, and now each of us knows and loves his husky bass, which opens on the other hand with these headphones.


It can not but rejoice that Dunu continuesoffer different options for good sound at an affordable price and with excellent quality. So, the dm-380 on average costs about 4,000 rubles, and this is a very good price for such a combination of design, characteristics and sound. Perhaps we should take advantage of the fact that so far the name of this manufacturer is not widely known by the masses, because when this happens, you can add a mark-up for the brand.