This year, the Russian military will receive the first serial army exoskeleton

Already this year in the Russian armed forcesThe first serial exoskeleton EO-01.02, produced by GB Engineering, will begin to arrive. The system will simplify the tasks associated with long-distance marches and carrying weights, effectively removing the load from the spine. The novelty has already passed tests in the army and, in particular, was used in Syria. According to Sergey Smaglyuk, Director General of the product development company, one officer in the exoskeleton dragged the 35-kilogram control panel of the Uran-6 robotic demining complex for nine hours and was hardly tired.

The developer notes that the system is EO-01.02 is designed for assault engineering and sapper units. It is not at all like the armored robotic suits that we used to see in science fiction. Superhuman capabilities will not add to the carrier either. A person in it will not be able to run faster, jump higher or fly. Protection from bullets is also not provided. Her dignity lies elsewhere.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

The main function of the exoskeleton is EO-01.02 - repeat the back, leg and pelvic joints of a person and thereby reduce the load on the spine of a soldier, while preserving his physical abilities as much as possible. This helps a special system of lever-articulated mechanisms.

"Mobility is full - you can bend downto turn, walk at a brisk pace, and even run. The exoskeleton is completely quietly worn on both the uniform and the bulletproof vest with unloading. It is adjusted to growth once and no longer requires maintenance and adjustment. It does not clog up, does not get wet, forgives mistakes, ”commented Sergey Smaglyuk in a conversation with journalists from RIA Novosti.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

Development and production of exoskeletonengaged in Moscow Region TsNIITOCHMASH (part of the concern "Rostec"). Product weight is 7 kilograms. Made from light metals and carbon. It is put on literally in one and a half minutes, the developer notes. Allows you to carry up to 70 kilograms of payload and is equipped with a special system of rapid discharge of cargo. He pulled the lace on the right shoulder - a load on the ground and you can quickly hide on the ground.

As part of the state armaments program until 2027Russian military will receive several hundred sets of exoskeleton EO-01.02. The prospect of equipping other departments is also being considered, including the development of a civilian version that can simplify the task of carrying heavy loads, for example, in warehouses. Modified versions are already under development. For example, a new version is being tested, allowing it to turn left-right even more freely.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Sergei Smaglyuk alsoHe added that in the future the component parts of the product will be made of aluminum alloy. They are going to integrate piezoelectric elements into the design, which allow the fighter to equip items such as a walkie-talkie, commander's tablet, navigator, etc., while walking.

According to Smaglyuk create a full andeffective armored exoskeleton with servos now does not allow the level of technology. Not yet developed compact batteries that could power such systems for hours and days, making them truly practical.

“Not even tomorrow, but the day after tomorrowtechnologies - active exoskeletons with servo drives. Now this is much closer to kinofi fiction. In the future, such equipment will increase the strength and speed of the soldier. But nowhere in the world have they solved the problem of a power source. As soon as this happens, the very next day, the boom of exoskeletons of the most different designs and purposes will begin. Today we are considering the concept of feeding an active exoskeleton from an onboard network, for example, a truck. A car came with ammunition, the soldier puts on a “suit”, connects the wire to the car battery and proceeds with unloading. Such a project could be useful for logistics support units. ”

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