This suit will allow the deaf-blind to communicate through tactile communication

Tactile communication is a type of communicationin which the person seeing and hearing transmits information to a deaf-and-dumb interlocutor by touching his back or other parts of the body. The method is quite effective, but what if a deaf and blind person wants to be more independent in communication? In this case, can help special clothes with feedback.

Deafblind clothes

This technology is developed in the framework ofProject SUITCEYES (from Smart, User-friendly, Interactive, Tactual, Cognition-Enhancer or "Smart, convenient, interactive, tactile corrector of cognitive impairment"), funded by the European Union. The development is carried out at once by several institutes and research centers: the Greek Center for Research and Technology, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), the Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and the Polish company Harpo. The project is led by specialists from the Swedish University of Borès.

According to the stated specificationsThe costume being designed will be equipped with a wearable camera connected to the computer, which will identify important objects and faces of people, obstacles in the room, or things that a person wants to find. This information will be transmitted to the user through vibration and other types of tactile signals generated by the motor's built-in suit.

“We are currently working on integratingAll of these components are in a vest. The camera will be able to recognize what is in the room, send information to a digital database of a computer that will quickly translate information into tactile signals that the user will feel on his back through special motors, ”explains one developer Nils-Christer Persson from the University of Borès.

The developers have created the fourth generationthis vest. The original prototype looked like a red robe, then a black robe, then turned into a green vest. Now the development looks like a black vest with a checkered back. Each cell contains a motor that transmits signals to the carrier.

In the near future, developers are planning to create several prototypes of the latest generation and test them massively.

“Historically, clothing has always had a close relationship with a person. We decided to move to a new level and make it a tool for communication, ”adds Nils-Christer Persson.

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