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This satellite can spy on people even through walls. Everyone can use its services

In films about cool detectives, special services oftenuse technologies that allow observing people through space satellites. If, in the story, a criminal takes people hostage, the military can see his exact location inside the premises and quickly render harmless. Recently, such technology exists in reality and it can be used by both state and private clients. All you need to do is pay a certain amount of money to Capella Space and they will provide satellite images from any part of the world. And the most interesting thing about the technology she developed is that satellites are able to see even through the walls of some buildings... In the title image, you can see which aircraft is parked in a closed hangar. But how does this technology work and does it have any limitations?

Aircraft inside the hangar in Capella Space satellite image

Tracking via satellites

About the developed technology Capella Space companytold on her official website. At the moment, the satellite Capella 2 is in orbit of our planet, which allows you to receive spy images. Ordinary satellites are equipped with ordinary cameras, frames from which we see in the Google Maps service and its analogs. But the Capella 2 satellite is equipped with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR). It sounds like something very complicated, but how it works can be explained in simple terms.

Space satellite Capella 2

This radar works much the same asecholocation in dolphins and bats. I already wrote about this phenomenon in an article about how bats manage to hunt insects, being practically blind. In simple terms, these animals make sounds with a certain frequency, which are reflected from surrounding objects and caught by the ears. Based on this data, bats can freely navigate in space, avoiding obstacles and locating potential prey.

Echolocation of bats

The Capella 2 satellite works in much the same way.In the direction of the object of interest, it sends a radio signal with a frequency of 9.65 GHz and, based on the reflected data, creates an image. Capella Space said the satellite can even see through the walls of some buildings, especially skyscrapers. When you look at the uncompressed, original satellite photos, you can even see what is happening in certain rooms. So, at least, says the CEO of the company Payam Banazadeh (Payam Banazadeh).

The location of the ships in the satellite image

Another interesting feature of Capella technologySpace is that it works at any time of the day and in any weather. Since the satellite takes photos not with the help of optics, but by studying the reflected signals, neither clouds nor the lack of sunlight interfere with it. And this is very important when conducting surveillance, because 75% of the Earth is constantly either dark or cloudy. And if you aim several satellites at the target, you can recreate its 3D copy with an accuracy of meters.

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How much do Capella Space services cost,unknown. To contact them, you need to fill out a special form on the official website. Company representatives say that anyone can become their client. The technology they have developed can be very useful for special services. If someone takes people hostage, the whereabouts of the offender can be discovered, which will speed up his neutralization. And conservationists will be able to record illegal deforestation. In general, there are a lot of scenarios for using the technology. Surely you have ideas on how you can use it. Share them in the comments!