This robot is almost indistinguishable from live insects: see for yourself.

In 2014, the French engineer Edwin WangRyuibbeke created a very unusual robot Bionic Bird, which is a bird that flies, flapping its wings realistically. Five years later, the craftsman declared himself again, and this time he presented an even more sophisticated mechanism - he designed the tiny MetaFly butterfly, which is difficult to distinguish from a living creature from afar. A mechanical insect can be controlled using a remote control and, most likely, anyone can do it, because the robot will be available for purchase.

With a length of 19 centimeters and wingspan 29centimeters, the design of the robot weighs only 10 grams. Realistic flaps of light and flexible wings are answered by a coreless engine with an aluminum radiator, which is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery energy. Charging with a duration of 15 minutes is only enough for 8 minutes of flight, but if you wish, you can equip the robot with a 1500 mAh power supply, which is enough for a 20-minute job. The speed of the robot is very impressive, and reaches 12 kilometers per hour.

Remote control is used to control the flight.remote control, the range of which is 100 meters. All maneuvers the device performs by changing the angle of the tail. The wings and other elements of the electronic butterfly are made of the most flexible and lightweight materials: carbon fiber, liquid crystal polymer and oriented polypropylene film.

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At the moment, the creator of MetaFly is collectingKickstarter crowdfunding production money. It is expected that the price of the robot will be $ 146. It seems that this is a reasonable price for a mechanism that resembles the impressive inventions of Festo.

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