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This plant blooms only once a year and gives off a pleasant aroma. Watch the video

The cactus of the species Selenicereus wittii is one of the mostmysterious and elusive plants on our planet. It grows only in the forests of the Amazon and is considered elusive because its flowers bloom only once a year for 2-3 hours. There are only about 10 botanical gardens in the world where this plant is found, and even their employees have never been able to capture a cactus bloom on video. But recently, it was succeeded by the workers of the Botanical Garden of the University of Cambridge, who were waiting for the right moment for as much as 5 years. Realizing that the cactus was about to bloom, they launched a live broadcast so that as many people as possible could see this rare phenomenon. Although not quite on time, the long-awaited event happened and at this moment you can watch right now. At the same time, you will find out why, during flowering, the flower emits a pleasant scent of jasmine, and then begins to stink like a public toilet.

Blooming one of the most mysterious plants in the world

Blooming cactus in the UK

The flowering of an unusual plant was described inscientific publication Science Alert. The cactus pruning was taken in 2015 from the Bonn Botanical Garden in Germany and transferred to the Cambridge University Botanical Garden (UK). This cactus is an epiphyte - a plant that can only grow by attaching itself to other vegetation. The Amazon forests are damp and sometimes rise in water levels, so the cactus is usually found at the top of the trees. So the hero of the published video from the British Botanical Garden grows at a height of 3.6 meters. In the wild, the cactus usually blooms in May, but being inside the greenhouse accelerated this process and the plant bloomed in February.

Unusual cactus also known as the "Queen of the Night"

This was the first time that a cactus bloomof the Selenicereus wittii species were seen simultaneously by so many people. The researchers intend to continue monitoring the flowering of the cactus and in general to pay more attention to it. The fact is that very little is known about this plant. Scientists are not even completely clear how this cactus reproduces in the wild. At the moment, the researchers have already taken several samples of the cactus to study the structure of its cells under a microscope. Perhaps soon they will share the results of their observations.

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