This is the coolest robot vacuum cleaner. He may even patrol the house.

We are already used to the wording robot vacuum cleaner.Now even the most inexpensive devices in which there are almost no smart functions, we still call robots, although, according to modern standards, this can be called a maximum of the word "automatic". This becomes especially clear if you look at the vacuum cleaner that we recently bought for the office. He can search for objects, complain to you that there are many things on the floor, scrub the floors with rubbing movements, and even patrol the premises. There is even something like a communication function so that you can send voice messages to the vacuum cleaner, which it can play through the built-in speaker. It doesn't just sound like some kind of science fiction, but it works the same way. Before us is really a robot, so let me tell you about it in more detail.

With such a camera, you can even take a selfie if you try.


  • 1 Good Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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  • 3 A robot vacuum cleaner that remembers a room
  • 4 How to play with a cat or dog
  • 5 Does the robot vacuum cleaner clean well?
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  • 7 How long does the robot vacuum cleaner last?

Good robot vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is manufactured by the ECOVACS brand and receivedname DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI. It is the top model in its three-model line. This makes it even more interesting, since in addition to a large number of functions, it was also equipped with artificial intelligence.

Already from the box you can see that the device is serious inside.

Thanks to its capabilities, the vacuum cleaner can not only, like other models, notice that something is in front of it, but also determine what exactly is in front of him... He can determine what is on the floor in front of himthere are slippers, wires or other items. When he knows what it is, he will mark it on the map of the room, and at the same time decide what to do next - go around, or push it aside so that this section of the floor is also removed. In addition to the fact that the robot itself is able to learn, updating its software also allows you to add new objects to the memory, thereby improving its work.

Inside, everything is packed very tightly and thoughtfully.

Vacuum cleaner with camera

To identify an object on the way, usea large number of sensors and even a camera that is built into the front. She can receive not only data about the room, but also a full-fledged picture in order to make more correct decisions.

The sensors themselves are also much more efficient when compared to other vacuum cleaner models. For example, DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI is equipped with new generation DToF laser... Thanks to it, you can not only define wallson the way, but also find items below the scanner level. Thanks to this, with it you will not need to clean up before cleaning. I have a lot of wires and extension cords spread out around the room that go to the shooting equipment. Many other vacuum cleaners failed with this, and sometimes even it was necessary to free them from the captivity of these wires.

These wheels look very serious.

Thanks to the same positioning system, the vacuum cleaner is much better at detecting carpets in order to increase the suction power on them... It is even possible to clean thick carpets.The main thing is that they should not be higher than two centimeters. This is the maximum height to overcome obstacles. And in order to prevent the robot from falling down the stairs, if you have one, a special system for detecting such obstacles is provided.

A robot dog with a built-in rifle has been developed in the USA.

A robot vacuum cleaner that remembers a room

Also, thanks to TrueMapping technology, new sensors are able to fix walls and other obstacles. at a distance of up to 10 meters, versus 4-5 meters for other models.This will be especially true in large homes and offices. Based on the collected data, the robot will draw up a map of the room, by which it will navigate when cleaning. However, other models do this as well, but less efficiently due to simpler sensors.

Even to the charging station, it returns faster than other models.

If you are intimidated by the prospect of anothercameras at home, you can not worry, because it does not record from it, but it is used exclusively for the analysis of surfaces, and for monitoring the room.

How to play with a cat or dog

Here lies another nice feature of thisrobot. For example, you can use it to play with a pet that has stayed at home in your free time. You simply give him a command through the application, he drives up to the right place and transmits your voice. But if these are "toys", then checking whether you have turned off the light, iron or stove is a very useful function. DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI can do that too. That is, in fact, in addition to the function of a vacuum cleaner, it has the function of patrolling the house. At the same time, the recordings are used only for broadcasting to the application, or for the direct operation of the vacuum cleaner.

The setup in the application is very simple and straightforward.

When the vacuum cleaner is tied to the account, it can be used and changed, many parameters.

Closed areas can be set separately for wet and dry cleaning.

These functions are available through a proprietary application, which and used to control the robot... It allows you not only to launch andstop cleaning, but also plan the time, "communicate" with the vacuum cleaner, establish restricted areas that you do not need to enter (separately for dry and wet cleaning), determine the intensity of cleaning, and much more.

Does the robot vacuum cleaner clean well?

Everything is fine with this vacuum cleaner and with the qualitycleaning. The manufacturer claims that the DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI uses a revolutionary pressure retention system. And the OZMO Pro floor cleaning technology is something almost unique. Similar functions are found in other expensive vacuum cleaners, but not very often.

Such a brush collects well not only dust, but also wool.

There are two containers for cleaning floors.The first one for simple cleaning, when the robot drives and vacuums, and the floor is simply wiped behind it. The second has a mobility function. Thanks to the motor, the rag can move back and forth up to 480 times per minute... This is much better for the strongcontamination, in particular spilled drinks. If you just need to do daily cleaning, the first option is sufficient, and if you need a more thorough cleaning of the floors, for example, after a party, it is better to install a movable module. Both are included in the package.

In the most intensive mode of operation, the powerthe vacuum cleaner increases to 1500 Pa. Let the load on the battery become higher, and the robot will work less on one charge, but it will pull out dust and sand even from the deepest cracks.

How does a robot that changes color like a chameleon work?

Robot vacuum cleaner for smart home

DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI supports work insmart home systems and control via voice assistants. These include Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. But for us it is much more interesting that the robot can integrate into Yandex's smart home. In order to control it through Alice, it is enough to enter in Yandex application your account and click "Refresh device list”.

The Yandex application has fewer settings than the proprietary one, but there shouldn't be many of them. The main function is voice control.

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After this simple procedure, you can send the vacuum cleaner by voice to do the cleaning or weave it into automation scripts. For example, when leaving home, one command, among other things, activate your DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI, so that when you return, the floors are clean.

How long does the robot vacuum cleaner last?

Total vacuum cleaner can be cleaned on a single charge for up to 200 minutes, which is more than enough even for cleaninglarge apartment. When the battery charge becomes low, the robot will drive itself towards the station. I also note that the charging station is made with attention to detail. On other models of vacuum cleaners, it has a simple rubber (at best) base. It immediately resembles anti-slip phone mats that are placed on the front panel of the car and hold the gadget while driving. They very tenacious and even with minimal pressure, move them from their placealmost impossible. The same applies to the DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI charging station. It appears to literally stick to the floor when placed on a smooth, hard surface.

This charging station does not slip at all.

When the dust is inside, it must begot back out. This is fought by the air filtration system, which consists of several degrees of purification. The built-in filter module can be cleaned, and when it is completely worn out, just take a new one from the delivery and use it.

The filter is built into the dust container and is very easy to change.

If all that has been said does not convince you that thisreally cool vacuum cleaner, I will add, more about the treatment plant. It is not included with this model, but can be purchased separately. Thanks to her, the garbage will be unloaded automatically, and it will be collected in a large container combined with a charging station. This way you can do not touch the vacuum cleaner at all for up to 30 days and do not shake the dust out of it.

When the container is full, you will receive a notification on your phone and can throw the disposable bag away. Thus, the robot will truly become autonomous and will not need to be cleaned every couple of days.

All the awards for this robot are well deserved.

When I watch DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVIdoes the cleaning, it becomes clear to me that we have really come to the concept of "robot vacuum cleaner". It can operate on its own and has many additional functions. Now it really is more of a robot than a vacuum cleaner. Now it is not automated, but smart. In terms of technology, you can often hear comparisons in the spirit of "iPhone among that", "iPhone among this", but in this case it is true iPhone among vacuum cleaners... Moreover, not just an iPhone, but the top-end 13 Pro Max.