This is not your point: people play StarCraft better than robots. Until…

Last weekend's gaming championship,participation in which took not only live players, but also their AI opponents, ended with the defeat of the latter. Star Craft professional player Song Byung-gu visually demonstrated the superiority of people over AI, having done enough of four different bots specifically designed for the game in “Old Man”.

One of the bots named CherryPi is designedexperts from the AI ​​research lab Facebook. In addition, the AI ​​guest from Australia took part in the battle, there was a bot from Norway, and they prepared a domestic development for the sweet. But even the Korean bot could not oppose the player of flesh and blood.

The competition was held at Senjong State University, which has been hosting StarCraft championships between AI and people since 2010 within its walls.

Unlike AI, who confidently defeatedchampions of the game go, in StarСraft the player is required not only to observe the same board with chips - here it is required to constantly take into account many factors and keep different information in mind, the winner explained.

However, this will change soon, because experts fromDeepMind together with Blizzard Entertainment have released an AI development kit compatible with StarCraft II, so that, apparently, the domination of humans will soon be over in this e-sports discipline.