This external battery will charge your smartphone 5 times. And not one

Although modern smartphones are much larger in sizemore than their predecessors, manufacturers still can’t place batteries in their devices that would not charge the phone every day or two, because the larger the capacity, the less ergonomic the gadget becomes. In this case, external batteries come to the rescue - some of them have sufficient capacity to charge the smartphone three, four or even six times.

What to do if you still decide to purchaseexternal battery? Run to the store and buy the first budget battery from Chinese manufacturers? However, such devices have at least two drawbacks. Firstly, their actual capacity may be two times lower than declared. In other words, if the battery is 10,000 mAh, then you can use only 5,000 mAh. In addition, manufacturers of low-cost external batteries often sacrifice safety for the sake of economy, so there are times when the smartphone battery swells due to a poor-quality battery (in the worst case, it also ignites).

Canyon batteries are sophisticateddesign, and their actual capacity is fully consistent with the declared. In addition, the life of these batteries is reduced very slowly - they retain their capacity even after a year or two due to the use of high-quality components.

At our disposal was an ultra-capacious externala 16,000 mAh battery that can charge a smartphone 5-6 times depending on the battery capacity of the device. It looks stylish: a minimalistic design is combined with an embossed logo, so the battery is very cool in the hand.

The LED-indication of the charge of four lamps is located on the side along with the power button and allows you to always know what capacity is left at your disposal.

By the way, this accessory has two outputs, whilethe maximum output current is 2.4 A. This means that you can optionally charge not only the iPhone, but also the iPad, as well as any other device, including Android. Moreover, both devices can be charged at the same time: connected, clicked on the power button - and watch how the divisions on the charge indicator are added. But today we have to charge not only smartphones and tablets: these are wireless headphones, and fitness bracelets, and smart watches. So support for charging multiple devices for an external battery is a big plus. The battery itself is charged using the micro-USB port and the corresponding cable that comes with the kit.

In addition, the Canyon external battery is equipped with"Smart" protection of connected gadgets - Smart IC. The built-in controller monitors the output parameters of the power circuit and the maximum possible current for a particular device, which allows you to charge your smartphone much faster. The system reduces the likelihood of overheating and overvoltage, eliminating a short circuit.

Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with this device using a video from the manufacturer:

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At a cost of about 2,300 rubles CanyonThe CNE-CPBF160W can be safely called a device that deserves the attention of every smartphone owner. Perhaps in the windows of some Chinese online store you will find lower prices, but it is often better to take the device a little more expensive, but be sure of its quality.