This eerie ritual helped the ancient Egyptians to be like the rich

People at all times wanted to be rich, orat least be like self-sufficient people. For example, to look successful, some people today are ready to take out a loan and buy an expensive car. Judging by archaeological findings, even the ancient Egyptians wanted to look rich, not only during life, but also after death. Their way of showing their alleged prosperity was extremely strange and even eerie. So, on the territory of an Egyptian village called Saqqara, archaeologists managed to find the mummies of rather poor people who were buried as "richly" as imaginative grave diggers allowed.

As a rule, the pharaohs were stored in expensive sarcophagi

A strange burial was found by the Polisharchaeologists in September 2018 near the Djoser Pyramid, which is considered the oldest in the world. In 2000-year-old graves lay the poorly preserved bodies of people who were subjected only to basic embalming procedures. Coffins were buried right in the dug holes in the sand. At the time of excavation of the graves, the burial place was already looted, but archaeologists found traces of jewelry - the grave diggers clearly wanted the burial of ordinary workers to look almost like that of the pharaohs.

How were people buried in ancient Egypt?

Almost all burial details indicatethat the grave diggers who buried people were illiterate. A necklace was painted on the lid of one of the coffins, and below it should be an inscription with the name of a buried person. But no matter how archaeologists tried to decipher the hieroglyphs, they did not succeed. The fact is that an illiterate grave digger simply painted meaningless symbols, as if trying to draw hieroglyphs that he had once seen.

The place where the strange burial was found

Also on the coffin was an image of the keeperthe other world of Anubis. However, his body was painted in blue, while usually it was painted in black. Researchers suggested that the grave digger was simply not familiar with artistic traditions. However, it is also likely that the gravedigger wanted to make a reference to the divine hair from blue jewels.

Mummy of an unknown Egyptian

How did you live thousands of years ago?

This unusual burial revealed quiteAn interesting detail from the life of the ancient Egyptians. It seems that modern people and their ancestors who lived thousands of years ago have much in common. The desire to at least be a bit like rich people is excellent proof of this. Honestly, you probably know people who spend a lot of money on things that aren’t necessary in life, such as jewelry, in order to somehow look like a rich person? Write your answer in the Telegram chat.

One resident of the United States managed to eat bread that was baked specifically for the pharaohs

It is noteworthy that interesting details about lifearchaeologists often recognize ancient people. For example, in 2018, researchers managed to unearth the remains of an unusual Scandinavian house, in which the bodies of the dead Vikings were stored. Scientists still have no idea why this tomb was needed. Perhaps it contained the bodies of soldiers who died in the cold season - in the spring they could be pulled out and buried according to all pagan traditions. It is also likely that superstitious Scandinavians simply locked dead people in their homes so that their souls would not disturb them.