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This device will help people touch objects in virtual reality.

Have you ever been inside a virtualreality? Today it is quite easy to do this by buying a special helmet for the game console or visiting some game exhibition. There is no doubt that VR games are great entertainment that can give more impressions than regular computer games, but it would be even cooler if virtual objects could be touched. It is not the first year that engineers from all over the world have been trying to create a device that allows you to sense non-existent objects. Since there is still no ideal option, work on the creation of such a technology continues. Recently, researchers from the US state of Pennsylvania have created a new device that allows you to sense the surfaces of virtual objects with small cables.

Tactile sensations are created using cables

About an unusual addition to virtual helmetsReality told engineer Katie Fang, who was directly involved in the development of the device. Usually, technologies that allow you to touch virtual objects are gloves that do not allow you to squeeze your hand or put pressure on your fingers. However, the option presented by American engineers is very different from all the devices of this kind existing today.

New accessory for virtual reality

Yes, the created device, like many others,prevents the hand from contracting when touching virtual objects and thereby simulates a touch. But it is not made in the form of a glove, but consists of a device with a tape measure, from which come small, but rather strong cables. With the help of bracelets, they are attached to the wrists, hands and fingers, so that in contact with virtual objects with different strengths, pull them back.

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To track hand movements and determinevirtual object location, the Leap Motion kit is used, which consists of a virtual reality helmet of the controller. When the hand approaches the object, the cables pull different parts of it back, so that the person has a feeling that he touched it.

Components of a device for tactile sensations inside virtual reality

In the demo, you can see howthe device displays a touch on the wall and objects of arbitrary shape. However, there are big doubts that the device conveys a wide range of tactile sensations. To achieve this, it is clearly necessary to attach more cables to the hand, but even with this approach, it is unlikely that you can sense the small details of objects.

The device allows you to touch virtual objects

But, according to the creators, the device turned outquite lightweight, inexpensive and not consuming much energy. The design, which is attached to the shoulder, weighs less than 300 grams, but the developers have not yet announced the price of the device. This is not surprising, because the technology is clearly not yet ready for sale in stores. At a minimum, he needs a beautiful body or maybe a whole suit, which is equipped with additional sensors.

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Today, virtual reality is alreadyceased to be something amazing. However, it is still interesting and scientists from time to time find in it a lot of useful things. For example, recently it was found out that being inside a virtual space, a person can get rid of fear of heights, snakes and spiders without risk and harm.