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This chip makes any surface touch

All of us have long been accustomed to touch technology. Moreover, we use them daily in our lives through the touch screens of our smartphones and tablets. But besides screens, there are simply ordinary touch surfaces, which are used almost everywhere. Only such surfaces were originally made in such a way as to respond to touch. But thanks to the new development, everything can change. After all, as the New Atlas publication betrays, a new miniature chip can make any surface touch.

This “baby” can change the entire market for touch devices

How to make any surface touch?

A new type of ultrasound technology works withany materials - glass, wood, plastic and so on. This can open up a whole host of new ways to interact with our gadgets and surrounding objects. UltraSense Systems, behind the invention of technology, says its chip-based ultrasound system (the size of a pen nib) is cost-effective and ready to be plugged into consumer devices in 2020.

From a practical point of view, think not onlyabout physical buttons on smartphones, but rather touch panels instead of them built into the case, or about a table with “hot spots” that you can click to turn on the light or change the light intensity. We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way we interact with our devices. In our world, everything digital has been replaced by a mechanical one, and the transition to virtual buttons and gestures is inevitable. Says Mo Magsudnia, founder and CEO of UltraSense Systems, in a press statement. The use of ultrasound in touch user interfaces has not yet been implemented properly.

New ultrasonic chips essentially usetiny sound elements to create waves to detect the presence of an “obstacle”. In this case, the finger. In this case, ultrasonic waves can penetrate through any surface. The sensor can be embedded under glass, ceramics, wood, leather and many other materials. And how else can you apply the new technology? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Touch interfaces can be easily added tosmart watches and various headsets of virtual and augmented reality. - say the developers. They can be used to provide one-touch access to the car - you simply press the handle and open the car. Touch buttons can also be integrated into steering wheels inside vehicles. Flight of fantasy is unlimited.

A touch table that without a small sensor is just a regular table

Sensors developed by UltraSenseSystems can operate with very low power consumption and do not require a separate processor for computing. They can also work if users wear gloves. Moreover, UltraSense Systems sensors work even if they have various obstacles of different thicknesses and densities on the way.

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At the same time, UltraSense Systems understands what elseIt’s too early to predict exactly how this technology will affect the devices we use every day. But this, of course, gives developers some more interesting use cases. By the way, a similar technology is used in ultrasonic fingerprint sensors of modern smartphones, such as the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 from Samsung, to create a fingerprint sensor located under the glass of devices.