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This bracelet vibrates every time you touch your face. Why is this important today?

If you do not want to get coronavirus, youyou should go outside less often, wash your hands regularly, and not touch your face. And the thing is that on the street you can encounter an infected person or object, and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth and instantly let the particles of the virus into your body. Many people should have no problems isolating themselves from society and washing their hands, but stopping touching their faces is too difficult a task. According to scientists, every hour a person unconsciously touches his face about 23 times. For the whole day, the number of touches reaches 500 times. But you can get rid of the habit of constantly adjusting your hair, scratching your eyes and mouth, and touching your mouth with the Immutouch device.

During a coronavirus pandemic, people are better off not touching their face.

How to get rid of the habit of touching the face?

According to Gadgets and Wareables, this deviceis a bracelet. It constantly monitors the position of the person’s hands and counts how many times a day he tries to touch his face. When the hand approaches the eyes, nose, or mouth, the device begins to vibrate, reminding the user that this cannot be done. It is believed that over time, a person completely gets rid of the habit of touching the face, which means that he reduces his risk of contracting a coronavirus.

Like all bracelets of this kind, the device is synchronized with a special application for a smartphone

The device understands when a person tries to touch his face with accelerometer. Before use, to a personYou must adjust the bracelet by touching both eyes, nose and lips. After that, the device understands when a person’s hand rises to his face and instantly vibrates so that the user comes to his senses and drops his hands. The developers did not forget that the person touches the face of either of the two hands, so they offer to buy two devices at once and put them on two wrists at once.

Accelerometer - This is a sensor for determining the angle of inclination of an electronic device with respect to the earth's surface. Today it is in almost any smartphone and fitness bracelet.

One Immutouch bracelet costs around $ 50,which at the current rate is approximately 4,000 rubles. In addition to counting attempts to touch the face and reminding about it with vibration, the device can no longer do anything. However, the meager set of features does not bother anyone and the manufacturer has already announced that it has received a bunch of orders. Due to the high demand, buyers will have to wait at least a couple of weeks for their parcel. But the desire to protect themselves from the virus, apparently, is very common among people and the long delivery and rather high price for such a simple device do not scare them anymore.

Immutouch bracelet costs 4,000 rubles, but is its price justified?

Generally, it is amazing how fast companiesrespond to user demand and establish the production of devices with the required capabilities. But is it really that people really need a bracelet so much? It may well be that even with many people’s fitness bracelets like Xiaomi Mi Band, you can equip the vibration function when raising your hands to face. Many people have such devices and they are much cheaper. There is a suspicion that they can be turned into an Immutouch analogue by simply developing an additional application for Android and iOS.

And what do you think, is it possible to add a functionwarnings about touching hands in regular fitness bracelets? Maybe such an opportunity already exists? Share your answers in the comments or in our Telegram chat, it's really interesting!

Panic around the coronavirus

Apparently, people's fear of coronavirus is sogreat that they are trying to escape from him in all available ways. However, the general panic is very understandable, because the virus infects more and more people every day. At the time of writing, March 25, 2020, there are more than 435,000 people infected with coronavirus in the world. Moreover, the number of deaths is more than 19,600 people, and elderly people and people with chronic diseases are in particular danger. In order not to endanger each other, it is recommended that all people contact less often. No one knows how long the coronavirus pandemic will last.

The image shows the propagation speed of the coronavirus. The difference between the upper and lower parts is 60 hours. During this time, 100,000 people contracted the disease

If the news about coronavirus causes youanxiety, we recommend that you read the advice of psychologists on overcoming anxiety and fear. We also ask you to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the World Health Organization on protection against coronavirus right now and strictly implement them - so you can protect not only yourself, but also people around you from the disease. Well, of course, share these articles with your loved ones so that they too are aware of what needs to be done in these difficult times for the whole world. Be healthy!