Thin tablet Microsoft Surface Pro X received a high-capacity battery

Autonomous work of modern mobile devicesbecomes one of the main parameters that interests the modern consumer. Especially strange is the behavior of developers from Microsoft, who at a recent presentation of the Surface Pro X tablet did not announce the technical parameters of the battery.

Traditionally, insiders took the stage, the firstamong which was Roland Quandt, who kindly reported on his Twitter page data about the Surface Pro X battery running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx chip.

During the presentation, among the main advantagesThe new device indicated the ultra-thin thickness of the case, which is comparable to the thickness of the smartphone and amounted to 5.3 mm. It should be remembered that the Surface Pro X received a 13-inch PixelSense screen (2880x1920) and weighs 760 grams.

Lack of battery capacity data on the siteCompensated by Roland Quandt, indicating that the battery capacity is 5039 mAh, which is one of the highest rates for this class of devices. At the same time, the developers claim that in offline mode, the Surface Pro X tablet can last up to 13 hours. Check the assurances of engineers will be possible after November 5, when the device begins to be sold in retail chains.