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These types of kitchen utensils are harmful to health - here's how to replace them

Today, most people are well awarehow important it is to eat right. Our site has many articles on this topic: we have already said that addiction to fast food, chips, sausage and other unhealthy foods can cause obesity, as well as lead to depression and even blindness. We are not the only ones warning about this, which is why many people today are trying to eat more vegetables, drink enough water, and follow other dietitian recommendations. At the same time, few people think that no matter how healthy the food is, its benefits can drop to zero if a person cooks it on bad dishes. In this article, we will find out which four types of kitchen utensils are dangerous to health and how they can be replaced.

Some types of kitchen utensils can be hazardous to health, everyone should know about it

We hasten to please - most of your dishes are onthe kitchen is absolutely safe for health. Only frying pans, pots and kettles that are heated to high temperatures can be dangerous. The fact is that some of them are made from materials that, under the influence of heat, begin to release toxic substances.


  • 1 Teflon cookware - why is it dangerous?
  • 2 Aluminum cookware - what is its harm?
  • 3 Copper cookware and its health hazards
  • 4 Damage to ceramic coated cookware

Teflon cookware - why is it dangerous?

Teflon-coated cookware is considered to bemost dangerous to health in any kitchen. Many people buy it because it has a non-stick coating. This property is precisely achieved by Teflon, which is also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). When heated to 300 degrees Celsius, this plastic polymer begins to release toxic substances into the air.

When inhaling Teflon vapors, a person begins polymer feverthat mimics flu symptoms.That is, a person begins to have a headache, the body temperature rises, chills occur, a cough begins, and pain in the chest is felt. These symptoms appear only 4-10 hours after exposure to Teflon fumes. Toxic PTFE emissions are dangerous not only for human health - for poultry, such as parrots, they can be completely deadly.

Teflon coating of frying pans and other kitchen utensils releases toxic substances into the air

Also, Teflon cookware can emitperfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which can cause breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer. It is believed that this dangerous compound is contained in dishes in a minimal amount, but no one should forget that it can also be released from other household items - if possible, it is better to contact such things less.

How to replace Teflon dishes? Instead, it is better to buy a cast-iron skillet. It also heats up evenly, and is also notable for its long service life - Teflon never even dreamed of such durability.

About how to use Teflon dishes if it is indispensable, we talked about in this article.

Aluminum cookware - what is its harm?

Aluminum cookware is very popular, especially inRussia. Perhaps you still have aluminum cups from the USSR, or deep plates. Their popularity can be explained by the fact that the material used is very common, and therefore cheap. In addition, aluminum is very light.

Aluminum utensils from the times of the USSR

It would seem that everything is fine, and our grandmothers andgrandfathers used such dishes for decades. Only now the latest scientific data says that aluminum is a neurotoxic metal, that is, it destroys the nervous system. This is fraught with the fact that over time a person may suffer from Alzheimer's disease or other brain diseases. Modern aluminum cookware has a protective coating, but it still scratches easily.

Modern aluminum cookware

How to replace aluminum cookware? It is believed that a good alternative to dishes fromaluminum is glass. They are strong enough, beautiful, suitable for microwaves and completely safe for human health. A pleasant bonus is that glassware does not pollute the environment.

There is a nostalgic article on our website, in which we listed the previously popular but forgotten equipment from the times of the USSR. There are many photos - take a look for yourself.

Copper cookware and its harm to health

We do not argue - copper utensils look veryattractive. If you've seen them in stores or have them at home, you've probably noticed how good she shines. Also, copper conducts heat well, so the dishes heat up evenly and quickly.

However, copper is one of the heavy metals.During cooking, its particles can be released into food, and then enter the human body. Undoubtedly, in a small amount, heavy metals are useful - they are involved in biological processes and are necessary for the normal functioning of the body. But with their excess, a person can be seriously affected by the administration, which makes itself felt with abdominal pain, and after the absorption of metals into the blood, negative reactions from the heart and blood vessels: pressure surges, shortness of breath, and so on.

Copper utensils can cause heavy metal poisoning

How to replace copper utensils? Alternatively, stainless steel cookware can be used. It is light, does not scratch and is completely harmless to our health. Another plus is durability.

Damage to ceramic coated cookware

If the dishes are made entirely of ceramics, this iscompletely safe for health option. But if only the coating is ceramic, such dishes can be dangerous, because harmful materials hide under a thin layer of ceramic.

As a rule, ceramic coating beginsbreak down after a couple of months of using the dishes. And under it are usually lead, the aluminum mentioned above and other materials hazardous to health. Lead deserves special attention, because it not only can cause heavy metal poisoning, but also provokes infertility.

Ceramic-coated cookware is dangerous - better to add money and buy all-ceramic cookware

How to replace ceramic coated cookware? The answer is simple - buy dishes that are made fromceramics at 100%. Of course, such dishes are expensive - the price of a frying pan starts at 1000 rubles. But this is a reasonable cost, because in return people get dishes on which nothing burns. Ceramic is dishwasher safe and has a long service life.

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