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These toads are poisonous and glow under ultraviolet light. What else interesting is known about them?

Brazil is home to some of the mostdangerous amphibious creatures - saddle-nosed toads. Most of these creatures are so small that they can easily fit on the tip of a human finger. Another feature of these toads is that they are painted in bright yellow - lovers of unusual animals will clearly want to touch them. Only now it is by no means worth doing this, because their skin contains a deadly poison. Recently, scientists decided to study these creatures in more detail and for several years they were engaged in capturing them. It took a long time because bright frogs camouflage themselves very well in yellow foliage. So the researchers had to devise a clever way to detect them, which required an ultraviolet lamp. So let's not delay and find out what interesting things they could learn about unusual toads and how the lamp helped to find them?

A typical representative of the genus saddle-nosed toads

The most venomous toads in the world

Most saddle toads live in mountainousforests of Brazil. Basically, their body length does not exceed 10 millimeters, so they can really be placed on the tip of the finger. The head of these creatures is very small and much shorter than the body. The toads got their unusual name due to the fact that on their back there is a bone plate fused with the vertebrae and skin - this is a kind of "saddle". On the front paws of these creatures there are two toes, and on the hind legs up to four. They spend most of their time in the forest floor and hunt during the day, mainly on insects. This type of toad reproduces by laying eggs, with the cubs developing internally, bypassing the tadpole stage.

Saddled toads glow under ultraviolet light

Using this trick, between 2017 and 2019a year, scientists managed to catch 276 individuals. In the laboratory, each of them underwent DNA analysis, thanks to which the scientists were able to discover a completely new species of saddle-bearing toads for science. Representatives of the new species were named Brachycephalus rotenbergae and differ from the rest in their smaller body size. Also, scientists noticed several differences in body color. So, thanks to a new study, scientists managed to find out that they have not discovered all types of saddle-bearing toads.

Poisonous toad of the species Brachycephalus rotenbergae

In the future, scientists intend to learn more about them.more information. What interests them most is why the bones of these toads glow under an ultraviolet lamp. After all, there must be some explanation for this phenomenon - perhaps this feature helps them survive in the wild or is needed for other purposes.

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It is worth noting that saddle toads arefar from the most unusual of its kind. Relatively recently, I talked about Brazilian toads, which are able to survive the attack of dozens of scorpions. Their amazing vitality became known during an experiment where toads were released into a terrarium with several poisonous scorpions. They received several poisonous blows, but they did not show any signs of poisoning. You can read more about this discovery at this link.