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These things should not be taken from others - there is a risk of contracting diseases

From childhood we are taught to share - for example,if someone bought you a chocolate bar, you should definitely treat your friend with at least one piece. Of course, this is a good rule that strengthens friendship and prevents uncomfortable situations. But some things are better to always keep with you and in no case take from others. Pediatricians shared a list of such things with Education World magazine - they warned all parents that children can become infected with dangerous diseases through some personal items. This list is also relevant for adults, because some diseases can easily spread in the adult environment. Let's not delay and take a look at the list of things that cannot be taken from others. And don't share them either.

Did you know that you can't share water bottles with your friends?


  • 1 Bottle-borne diseases
  • 2 Dangerous bacteria on a towel
  • 3 Dangerous bacteria on soap
  • 4 Why is it dangerous to use someone else's toothbrush?
  • 5 Why you can't share headphones
  • 6 Why hair combs are dangerous
  • 7 The danger of lip balm

bottle-borne diseases

During summer walks or sports inhall, you always want to drink water. And if someone offers to drink from their own bottle, the other person remains immensely grateful. In fact, drinking from one bottle is extremely unhygienic - particles of saliva always remain on the neck and through them a person can contract colds, pharyngitis (sore throat) and even herpes or meningitis.

Some people know about it, so they wipeneck with hands. Needless to say, this does not help in any way and can make things worse? After all, thousands of microbes live on human hands, which can be even more dangerous.

While drinking, particles of saliva can even get into the water - an extremely unpleasant fact, isn't it?

It's time for every modern person to havehabit of always carrying your own bottle of water. You don’t need to go to the store for soda every time - just buy a good water bottle and regularly fill it with water that has passed through the filter.

Lots of reusable bottles. You can buy a simple bottle for 300 rubles or a fancy version for 800 rubles. Everyone has their own choice

Dangerous bacteria on a towel

Each person should have their owntowel. If one person is sick and another uses his towel, chances are they will get sick too. In 2019, a study was conducted that proved that couples with one towel for all are at risk of contracting staph infections and skin diseases.

Drying off, we leave a pile of dirt on the towel

Microbiologist Charles Gerba conducted a study andfound that almost 90% of the towels in the bathrooms contained coliform bacteria - in other words, they contained particles of human feces. Therefore, not only can towels not be shared, they also need to be changed regularly for clean ones. And if a person is waiting for guests, it is better for them to prepare a fresh towel in advance - this will be very useful.

IMPORTANT: if in a public place for somefor some inexplicable reason, a towel hangs, it is better not to touch it at all. We have an article about diseases that can be contracted in a public toilet, here is the link.

Dangerous bacteria on soap

Many people believe that soap is one of the mostclean things in the bathroom. At the very least, when we pick it up, we put it under water every time, and the microbes on its surface should definitely be washed off. It turns out that this is not so - after use, bacteria remain on the soap and they actively multiply on its wet surface. They usually process the remains of fatty acid salts, which are the main components of soap. Any bacteria and viruses can remain on the surface of the soap., it all depends on how dirty the hands were.

Ideally, every person should also haveown soap. However, at home, it often has time to dry out and germs die - the risk of contracting diseases is minimized. However, it is better not to touch soap in public places, because it is impossible to know what diseases the previous person had.

Surprisingly, bacteria can also grow on soap.

It is best to use liquid soap poured into a dispenser with a sensor. It is very easy to use - you just need to put your hand under the dispenser. They are inexpensive, about 1000 rubles. Here is an example.

The dangers of using someone else's toothbrush

No one will use a toothbrushanother person - even the very thought is disgusting. But, in some cases, couples can lend each other a brush. It’s definitely not worth doing this, because up to 1.2 million microbes can live on the bristles. Among them are staphylococci, streptococci, E. coli and even the influenza virus. So while traveling it is better not to forget a toothbrush or spare money for a new one.

Before brushing your teeth, you need to thoroughly wash the brush

Why you can't share headphones

Hearing a good song makes me want to sharethem with a friend. Instead of sending a link to the messenger, some people offer to listen to music through their headphones. It’s better not to do this, and it’s best for the other person to politely ask for a link. And all because the headphones do not shine clean - even if they look good, they still have particles of earwax on them. It is needed in order to trap bacteria, so it's full of germs. If another person has even small wounds in the auricle, he can become infected with something.

All headphones are dirty, never forget that

To be fair, it should be noted that thisrelevant for in-ear headphones. Full-size headphones are safer in this regard, but in some cases, diseases (especially skin diseases) can also be transmitted through the ear pads.

Headphones should be used with extreme caution. In 2022, scientists announced that they could cause 1.3 billion people to lose their hearing. Here are the details.

What are dangerous combs for hair

It is common in society to askanother comb. But it is best to always have your own with you, because diseases can be contracted even when you comb your hair. The risk is minimal, but still there is a possibility of infestation with lice, scalp infections or scabies.

A comb is also a purely personal thing, which is better not to share.

The danger of hygienic lipstick

In winter, many people use hygieniclipstick - it protects against the appearance of cracks on the lips. You can’t share it either, because through existing cracks you can let pathogenic organisms into your bloodstream. For example, through this hygiene product easy to get herpes.

Finally, do not throw away hygienic lipstick

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Also, paediatricians and other specialists are notrecommend sharing cosmetics and especially shoes. If you are interested, we have a detailed article about diseases that are transmitted through clothing - it is important for those who often go to stores to know. Here is the link.