There was data on the presentation date of the budget iPhone 9 and iPad Pro (2 photos)

Apple product community withlooks forward to the official presentation of the low-cost model of iPhone 9. Events in China that caused the shutdown of some assembly plants may delay the future announcement of Apple's much-anticipated budget device. Currently, there is no official statement on the timing of the presentation and entry into the iPhone 9 market, but Apple’s shipping partners are transparently hinting at the date March 31, 2020.

Apple holds traditional spring presentations in March. Usually the unofficial date of presentations, the information about which is distributed the day before, turns out to be in accordance with the company's intentions.

The main device at the upcoming event will be the iPhone 9 smartphone, which Apple plans to offer at a price of about $ 400, at the price of which the predecessor iPhone SE was offered.

The new iPhone 9 uses a design similar toiPhone 8. The smartphone has a Home button with a built-in Touch ID scanner. The hardware of the smartphone will run on the SoC A13 platform, equipped with 3 GB of RAM and, depending on the modification, 64 or 128 GB of internal memory.

About Insider Information at Spring EventApple will also present the updated iPad Pro with a main camera with three sensors located as in the model of iPhone 11. Also, the presentation may appear MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen. According to the same informants, the sale of devices starts on April 3.

Source: 9to5mac