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There was a hurricane on the border of the Earth and space. This is a completely new phenomenon

While studying old satellite imagesscientists found out that in 2014 a hurricane occurred on the border between the Earth and space. The researchers could not even imagine the possibility of such a phenomenon, because there are no suitable conditions for the occurrence of strong winds in the upper atmosphere. Fortunately, scientists quickly figured out the reason for the formation of an unusual hurricane - this involved the magnetic field of our planet and the solar wind. The hurricane was accompanied by aurora borealis of amazing beauty. It was not possible to look at this phenomenon in real time, because scientists only learned about it 7 years later. But one artist showed what an unusual hurricane looked like from space. Within the framework of this article, I propose to understand how hurricanes arise on our planet and why they cannot originate in the upper atmosphere. And how did it happen that the hurricane on the border between the Earth and space did arise?

The photo shows an ordinary hurricane. The article will discuss a more interesting phenomenon

How do hurricanes occur?

Hurricanes occur in the lowest layer of the earthatmosphere - troposphere. In all cases, they originate above seas with warm water. When warm and humid air rises upward, a region of low pressure is created in the lower atmosphere. This is the so-called eye of the storm, which is usually about 30 kilometers in diameter. In the eye of the storm, the air is hotter and less humid than the surrounding space. Due to different conditions, the air around this area begins to swirl strongly. Sometimes the wind speed reaches 200 kilometers per hour. In addition to this, clouds are actively formed around the eye of the storm, so hurricanes are accompanied by downpours. Sometimes they are so strong that they cause floods.

Layers of the earth's atmosphere

New natural phenomenon

But in the upper atmosphere, educationhurricanes this way is impossible. There simply cannot be conditions suitable for this. But the fact that in 2014 a hurricane arose between the Earth and space is an irrefutable fact. According to researchers from the University of Reading (UK), the diameter of this hurricane was almost 1,000 kilometers. The vortex with many spiral arms raged for almost 8 hours. During this hurricane there was even a kind of rain with accelerated electrons instead of water droplets. It sounds like something fantastic, but it really is possible.

Cosmic hurricane as seen by the artist

The hurricane was created by the earth's magnetic field andby the solar wind. In short, the solar wind, which consists of charged particles, has its own magnetic field. It is also present on our planet, therefore, during the blowing of the Earth by the solar wind, various waves can arise. A process arose that vaguely resembles the formation of an ordinary hurricane. Instead of warm air, under the influence of magnetic fields, a stream of ions in the upper atmosphere rose upward. As a result of all these complex actions, a vortex arose, which was accompanied by aurora borealis.

From the ground, the 2014 space hurricane looked something like this

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Unusual impact of solar activity on Earth

Scientists found it especially curious that inIn 2014, solar activity was very low. And even in such conditions, such a powerful and unusual phenomenon arose on the border of the Earth. Scientists now believe that in years with higher solar activity, such hurricanes should occur more often. From now on, they intend to monitor such phenomena more closely, so in the future we will certainly be able to learn more about these "space hurricanes". At the moment, this is quite a big discovery for the scientific community and proof that we still know very little about the planet we live on.

Who would have thought that even a small amount of solar activity could cause such unusual phenomena?

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It would be interesting to know how such unusualhurricanes affect the weather on Earth. Indeed, on the surface of our planet, hurricanes are real natural disasters, during which hundreds and even thousands of people die. One of the most powerful hurricanes in the past 30 years has been named "Dorian". It hit the northern Bahamas on September 1, 2019, and then spread to other territories. According to the meteorological services, the wind speed during the hurricane reached 300 kilometers per hour. It goes without saying that this wind blew the roofs off the houses and uprooted some of the trees along with the roots. The hurricane was so huge that it was perfectly visible from space. You can read about it and look at the photos of the consequences at this link.