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There is an official image of a smart watch Huawei Watch D, capable of measuring pressure (4 photos)

Smart watches today are equipped with more and moreadvanced functions that allow you to track the health of the user. Monitoring sleep, calories burned and steps taken, monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen have long been common features for wearable gadgets. The next step in strengthening the control of the user's health parameters will be the measurement of pressure. One of the pioneers with such a function will be a Huawei device - the Huawei Watch D smart watch, which will be unveiled on the next Thursday, December 23rd.

Online store a few days before the official presentation of Huawei, during which the "clamshell" smartphone Huawei P50 Pocket will also be presented, opened a preliminary reservation for the model of smart watches Huawei Watch D. To become one of the first owners of watches with a pressure measurement function, you must make a deposit 100 to 200 RMB ($ 15 to $ 30).

The store has also posted official renders fromthe image of the case of the novelty. The design of Huawei Watch D has already been presented on the network more than once, so the photos did not bring any new information. It is already known that the watch will be enclosed in a massive rectangular case with two physical buttons on the edges. Also, the watch will receive a thickened silicone strap. There is no information on the cost of the Huawei Watch D in the store, but a price tag of $ 470 was previously reported.

Last week, insiders showed on the netinstructions for measuring pressure using Huawei Watch D. Considering that a special cuff will be used to control this parameter, as in traditional medical blood pressure monitors, and the user must be in a certain position at rest, constant pressure monitoring is not yet available. Full information about the technical parameters of Huawei Watch D, the price and procedure for selling the gadget will become known in a few days, on December 23.