There is a shortage of headphones in the premium segment on the Russian market

According to representatives of distribution companies, there has been a shortage of headphones in the Russian market in

premium segment.Due to the cessation of official deliveries from the main manufacturers - JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, Marshall, the offer in the headphone segment costing more than 10,000 rubles has noticeably decreased. According to the distribution company diHouse (part of the Lanit group of companies), retailers have enough stocks of such headphones for one quarter. The niche of models from Sennheiser, Marshall and Shure are trying to replace the Chinese brands, such as Edifier. Representatives of marketplaces believe that there will be no problems with the supply of such goods, and the lack of official supplies can be replaced by supplies under the parallel import scheme. At the same time, representatives of official distribution companies note the risks of a large number of counterfeit products entering the market, which are traditionally counterfeited in this particular segment of goods.