There is a place on Earth like Mars. See for yourself

Devon is considered the largest uninhabitedisland in the world. Because of its climatic and landscape features, it is most similar to Mars, and therefore attracts the attention of many space explorers. Fortunately, you can look at the surroundings of the “unearthly” place without leaving your home - the Google Street View team visited the territory, and took detailed panoramic pictures. In the process of photographing, the researchers understood how the colonists would have to plan the study, and what they should prepare for.

Google Street View project in Devonsupervised by an employee named Katya Minitsenka. In her opinion, this area is very similar to the one that will become the residence of the first colonists of Mars. Every morning the team had to get together and think carefully about the plan for the upcoming day: who stayed in the camp, who went to work first, and so on. Most likely, the first visitors to the Red Planet will have to do the same.

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It took a whole week to shoot panoramic photos. The list of attractions of the island includes the impact crater Houghton, 20 kilometers in diameter, the astronaut Canyon, which is similar to the V-shaped valleys on Mars and Lake Breccia Hills.

Every stone, hill and canyon can tell a story. For example, Breccia Hills is filled with broken cones and stones, created by a meteoric strike millions of years ago.

Katya Minitsenka, Project Manager

The team made a video of how it was done.development of new terrain in Google Street View. As you can see, the team had a lot of transport, and they even managed to walk around the territory in a special suit. Look at the panoramic images of the "Earth Mars" can be on a special page of the map service.

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