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The worst products from big companies: lip cheatos and Apple TV

Apple Gained Popularity After Releasethe first iPhone, and Tesla became famous after the presentation of the Tesla Model S. In principle, every large organization has a successful product that gave it worldwide fame. However, from time to time, even the most successful food and technology manufacturers offer their customers things that make them laugh. Did you know that in 2009, Coca Cola launched a blend of Diet Coke and green tea on the market? The drink contained useful substances and it was planned that it would be bought by lovers of healthy food. However, the taste of such a drink did not satisfy people and the product sold very poorly. We have a few more examples of terrible things that were produced by large companies. Apple, Amazon, Tesla and even the Colgate toothpaste manufacturer had failed developments.

Green Tea by Coca Cola


  • 1 Apple TV
  • 2 Colgate Foods
  • 3 BMW racing car
  • 4 Smartphone from Amazon
  • 5 Worst Tesla car
  • 6 Hygienic Lipstick by Cheetos

Apple TV

Apple was founded in 1976 by SteveJobs and Steve Wozniak. In those days, computers were very large, so these two people decided to make them as compact as possible for the office and home. Today, the company they founded produces iPhones, iPads and many other devices and generates a lot of income from this. All of these devices are in high demand, but in 1993 the company introduced the Macintosh TV, a hybrid of a TV and a Mac computer. The novelty almost did not interest anyone, because it was too expensive and had too little memory. A year later, Macintosh TV production was completed.

Macintosh TV

Colgate Foods

Colgate is one of the mostmajor manufacturers of hygiene products. But in 1964, she decided to experiment and start producing food. But you can't just take it and switch from one case to another! The manufacturer tried to develop semi-finished products from chicken and seafood, but nothing came of it. Still, Colgate is strongly associated with toothpastes and hardly anyone wanted to buy and eat chicken under this brand.

Colgate Foods

BMW racing car

The German company BMW was founded in 1916 andat the moment it is one of the largest manufacturers of prestigious cars. However, not all of her vehicles have been successful. In 1978, the manufacturer launched its first racing car, the BMW M1. However, the novelty could not compete with Porsche cars and already in 1982 the production of the racing model was discontinued. But in 2013, the company decided to try its luck again and released the racing BMW i8. It turned out to be more successful, but production was closed anyway.

BMW M1 Race Car

Smartphone from Amazon

Amazon is one of the main shoppingsites in the United States. But the company also manufactures its own products. For example, it launched the Fire Phone in 2014, hoping to compete with Apple and Google. But that was not the case - the new product turned out to be too expensive and did not offer anything new. In all respects, it was terrible: the design was ordinary, there were few applications, and the technical characteristics were not surprising at all. It was as if it was created not for people, but for the self-esteem of the company. Of course, over time, the smartphone disappeared from sale.

Fire Phone from Amazon

Worst Tesla car

Founded in 2003, Tesla is consideredlargest manufacturer of electric vehicles. At the moment, it offers people an expensive Tesla Model S and a budget Tesla Model 3, but there are also other types of cars in the range. In 2019, the manufacturer showed the public its own pickup truck, known as the Tesla Cybertruck. It is only available by reservation for now, but should hit the road in 2022. Since the presentation, everyone laughed at this car, because it has an angular shape and cannot be called beautiful. Recently, Elon Musk himself drove on a pickup prototype and shared that the car would be improved. It is hoped that the designers will do a good job on its appearance.

Tesla's Cybertruck electric pickup truck

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Hygienic lipstick from Cheetos

Finally, we left the strangest product froma large company. Cheetos cheese sticks were invented in the 1940s and quickly gained popularity. The manufacturer Frito Lay made good money on their product, but in 2005 decided to release something completely different. The company took and released ... hygienic lipstick with a cheetos flavor. But the production was quickly completed, because there were so many negative reviews. People have complained that the lipstick smells like musty cheese and doesn't moisturize the lips well.

Hygienic lipstick from Cheetos

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