The world's last male white rhino died

The last male species is the northern white rhino.(Ceratotherium simum cottoni) passed away in Kenya on March 19. This species of animals was once widespread throughout the African continent, but closer to the middle of the 20th century, the population numbered a little more than 2,000 animals. In 2006, poachers killed the last white northern rhino living in the wild. By 2015, only three individuals survived in the Kenyan reserve: one male and two females. Due to the fact that the male suffered from a severe age-related degenerative disease, the reserve staff decided to put him to sleep.

A rhino named Sudan was 45 years old whatfairly venerable age for this species of animals (in the wild, rare animals survived to 40 years). As a result of a degenerative disease, the animal’s muscles atrophied, and the bones began to crumble. In recent days, the state of Sudan has deteriorated sharply: the rhino could not even get to its feet and suffered greatly. Reluctantly, the doctors of the reserve decided to euthanize the animal. But before injecting lethal injection, they collected the animal’s genetic material.

Today, this type is already possibleofficially declare extinct, as the females Najin (daughter of Sudan) and Fatu (his granddaughter) remaining in the reserve will not be able to continue their clan. However, it is possible that it will be possible to save the species by means of artificial insemination and transplantation of fertilized eggs into the bodies of females of the southern white rhino. Poachers, thanks to whom the species was on the verge of extinction, killed animals for the sake of their horns, which are considered healing in many African cultures and highly valued on the black market.