The world's largest four-legged bionic robot from China (video)

Chinese engineers have developed and carried out testtesting the world's largest four-legged electric bionic robot. According to Chinese media, the new device, which looks like a mechanical yak, will be used by the military to carry out logistics and reconnaissance missions. The yak robot will be used in difficult conditions and will not endanger the lives of military personnel.

The mechanical yak is the heaviest robot,moving on four legs and designed to overcome impassability and deliver goods. The technical parameters of the specific robot have not yet been declassified, but, judging by the demos, the mechanism is twice the height of a person, and its length is twice the height. It is known that the useful mass that the robot-yak can carry is up to 160 kg. At the same time, the massive robot is capable of speeds up to 10 km/h.

The use of 12 hinged modules allowsfour-legged robot to move forward and backward, turn around, walk diagonally, run and jump while maintaining balance. The bionic robot can be used to deliver military supplies, including ammunition and food, to hard-to-reach remote places such as high mountain plateaus, deserts and forests. The developers are hinting at the use of the robot in high-mountain border conditions, where constant monitoring of the situation is necessary.

If necessary, the robot can be armed,equip with tracking equipment and send it to close reconnaissance directly on the battlefield. Experts even compared the functions of the yak robot with an aerial drone, only on the ground.

Source: globaltimes