The world's first whole eye transplant was performed in the United States.

A significant event took place at NYU Langone Health in New York: it was there that, for the first time in history, a whole eye transplant was successfully performed on a person.

This breakthrough in ophthalmology opens upnew horizons in the treatment of eye diseases and injuries. The patient was 46-year-old veteran Aaron James of Arkansas, who suffered serious injuries, including damage to the left side of his face and eye, as a result of high voltage electrical shock.

The operation, which lasted 21 hours, became a real challenge for medical science.

Eduardo Rodriguez, head of the surgical team,shared his impressions: “The very fact that we transplanted an eye is a huge step forward.” He also noted that the transplanted organ showed "remarkable signs of health."

At the moment it remains unknown whether it will be able toJames regains his sight with the help of a new eye. However, even if vision does not return, this operation opens up new prospects in the treatment and restoration of ocular function.

Source: lenta