The world's first ultrasonic speakers for TWS headphones (4 photos)

The American company xMEMS Labs presentedCypress ultrasonic solid-state speakers for TWS headphones, designed to replace the usual design of a magnet and a moving membrane. The developers explained why their speakers are better than classic ones, and when mass production will begin.

Unlike the traditional design, the newxMEMS relies on ultrasonic amplitude modulation: the speaker generates ultrasonic pulses, which are then transmitted to a demodulator to convert them into audible sound for the user. According to the manufacturer, these pulses create an “acoustic copy of the original signal,” so you can expect high quality reproduction across the entire frequency range.

According to the specifications, Cypress speakers deliver up to140 dB SPL at up to 20 Hz, provides higher quality, more detailed sound and distinct bass compared to the “classic”, and also supports spatial audio and Hi-Res standard. Other benefits include wider active noise cancellation bandwidth and reduced audio latency. The module size is 6.3 x 6.5 x 1.65 mm.

xMEMS will tell you more about its developmentat CES 2024. It is already known that the company has entered into a partnership agreement with TSMC, thanks to which the price of Cypress modules will be comparable to conventional speakers. The start of mass production of the new product is scheduled for the end of next year.