The world's first skyscraper church appeared in Hong Kong

Biblical legend of the tower of Babel foundpractical implementation in modern Hong Kong, where the Wesleyan House International Methodist Church was opened, built in one year. The construction was carried out by Rocco Design Architects, which proudly calls the building a church as a skyscraper.

The main reason for the need to build a churcha height of almost one hundred meters has become a shortage of space. For development, the Methodist church received a plot located at the intersection of busy streets, an area of ​​only 800 square meters. Meanwhile, for the needs of the parishioners, premises of 11 thousand square meters were needed.

The solution was found by designers and architects who designed a multi-story building made of steel and glass that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, consisting of modern high-rise buildings.

In the end, the Methodist Church receivedthe building is 95.8 meters high and 21 floors, and the project met the standards of modern construction for business skyscrapers. On the ground floor of the Wesleyan House there is a huge hall, above which is a large hall for general meetings and the main sanctuary. The floors above are reserved for church offices and pastoral residences. At the very top there is a chapel with a view of Hong Kong with hills in the south and a harbor in the north.

The design of the project received a certificate of conformityenvironmentally sound construction standards. The building has modern glazing, which provides maximum sunlight in the premises, and the shape and design of the walls provides the best conditions for natural ventilation. In the meeting room, lighting is organized using a cross-shaped window opening, from which the light falls directly onto the stage, and the efficiency of natural lighting is enhanced by a special mirror system.

Source: rocco