The world's first "hotel robots" fired half of the robots

The world's first "hotel robots" cut halftheir employees, robots due to the fact that they could not cope with their duties. Of the 243 cars, only half remained - the rest were replaced by people, because they found their work more efficient. According to the WSJ, the problems arose very different, but most of them concerned the fact that robots are still unable to perform even a part of human duties.

For example, the hotel reception was decoratedtwo robots (velociraptors) that supposedly were supposed to help with the settlement. In fact, all the work for them was done by people, since the machines were not able to make copies of documents. In addition, the guests were met by a robot assistant who could not even tell what sights there are around the hotel (even voice assistants are now capable of that).

The problem has arisen with the robots, porters,who could not work in bad weather, did not deliver luggage to all rooms and constantly faced each other, losing precious suitcases. In the rooms themselves, too, everything was not smooth: the lodgers complained that the robots would wake them up at night.

Since the hotel in Japan was opened in 2015year, the founders recognize that many robots are already outdated, but even the current level of technology does not allow even 70% to refuse human participation. Nevertheless, the hotel business involves frequent communication with visitors and solving their problems, which robots are simply not capable of.

The hotel has a number of other high-techsolutions: for example, you can get to your number by passing through the facial recognition procedure. This eliminates the need to carry a key that can be easily lost. For those who do not want to use facial recognition technology, magnetic key cards are provided. Each room is equipped with a radiant microclimate system that uses electromagnetic waves to transfer heat from one object to another without heating or cooling the air between them.

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