The world's first electric motorcycle with autopilot (7 photos)

Developers of modern vehicles allmore often include one of the mandatory functions of devices - the presence of autopilot. However, so far this opportunity has been provided for cars and future flying taxis. Representatives of the company Mavericks Electric presented at CES 2020 an original means of transportation - an electric motorcycle TQi with three wheels and its own autopilot.

Unusual motorcycle driven by twoelectric motors, and the battery system guarantees an autonomous trip to a distance of 200 km at a speed of 80 km / h. The TQi motorcycle control system is equipped with adaptive cruise control and automatic parking systems. A radar and sensor system provides 360-degree tracking. Autonomous control belongs to the second-class autopilots, which provides for the operation of the system under the supervision of the user.

Constant structural stabilityit is ensured by a special balance system capable of real-time control of the angle of inclination of the motorcycle, as well as telescopic, anti-dumping and active return traction of the front wheel.

The safety of the pilot is ensured by the presence ofSRS airbags, ABS braking system and traction control. The price of the new electric vehicle has not been disclosed, but the release of TQi may begin as early as the third quarter of this year.

Source: gizchina