The world's first bendable phone tested for strength (2 photos + video)

The world's first folding phone was introduced inLast year. Then the journalists spoke negatively about the Royole FlexPai. Despite this, the manufacturer launched a new product for sale. Zack Nilsson, the lead channel for JerryRigEverything on YouTube, decided to test the gadget using his proprietary method.

The screen of the novelty is doubled. It is covered with soft flexible plastic, rather than the usual tempered glass. Such material is easy to scratch, not to mention the dents. Its protective film melts from the fire, the pixels, burning out, are not restored.

The case has glass and metal, but the back coverconsists of plastic. The bend between the halves covered rubberized composition, visually not too reliable. The side fingerprint scanner functions accurately and quickly even with damage.

If the device is supposed to benddisplay out, it works well. However, the blogger could easily bend his display inside. At the same time the hinge broke, and the gadget was folded exactly in half. Bending it in different directions, the tester has disabled the OLED display. However, he noted that the strength of the gadget exceeded his expectations.

Source: JerryRigEverything YouTube Channel