The world's fastest 3-wheeled 2-seater electric car Daymak Spirtus is presented (2 photos + video)

The Canadian company Daymak, which began work onthe creation of urban passenger electric vehicles in 2002, actively promotes the idea of ​​reducing carbon dioxide emissions and providing consumers with convenient and compact vehicles. During the existence of the company, more than 100 thousand units of electric bicycles, original ATVs and compact SUVs with built-in solar panels have already been sold.

Now Daymak has announced the starta crowdfunding project to collect orders for the Daymak Spirtus Electric 3-wheel 2-seater electric car, which is positioned as the fastest electric car in its class. The company's goal is to receive 50 thousand applications by July 23, 2021. With a successful campaign, the Spirtus will begin mass production in 2023.

The Spiritus electric car is a completea two-seater coupe with many functions. The vehicle is equipped with solar panels for continuous charging, regenerative braking and a patented Daymak wireless charger.

Spiritus is available in deluxe version priced from$ 19,995 with 300 km range and Ultimate versions from $ 149,000 with 480 km autonomous range and 0-60 mph (96.5 km / h) acceleration in 1.8 seconds, making it the fastest three-wheeler by car on the planet.

Autonomous operation of the new Spiritus Ultimateprovides an 80 kWh battery, while the more affordable Spiritus Deluxe model will run on a 36 kWh battery. A 12-speaker stereo system, air conditioning and Wi-Fi will work inside the car. Ultra-fast charging technology lets you recharge your battery in just two hours. The Spiritus is also equipped with an alarm system, GPS and a rear view camera.

Source: daymakavvenire