The world "through the eyes" of the Tesla autopilot (video)

Modern cars are equipped with more and moreadvanced autonomous driving systems, and Tesla Motors is the leader in this area. Back in 2016, the company presented a video showing what exactly the autopilot of a Tesla electric car sees. Since then, the system has undergone revolutionary changes, its technical capabilities have increased. An enthusiastic hacker recently posted a unique video on the Reddit social network of what the world around looks like for the current Tesla's autopilot.

It is currently known that Tesla engineerstesting Full Self-Driving mode and working on the next Augmented Vision system. A Reddit user with the nickname greentheonly hacked Tesla's autopilot system and got access to the data coming from the car's sensors and cameras. As a result, on the published video, you can get acquainted with the operation of the Tesla machine vision system and understand the basic principles of the autopilot.

Tesla autopilot in-car augmented view from r / teslamotors

The video demonstrates in real time howThe autopilot of an electric car tracks objects around the car, marks them with markers and makes decisions. The autopilot marks with markers all objects that can affect the movement of the car. At the same time, potentially dangerous objects outside the carriageway are also marked - pedestrians, animals, road signs and fences. Artificial intelligence pays the most close attention to the surrounding cars, assigning an individual identifier to each of them. The “eyes” of the autopilot also fix road markings and turns.

Source: reddit